Scrabble on a Sunday morning


1. Scrabble on a Sunday morning


rewind 15 years

the memories take me away

long walks in the rain,

laughing under an oversized umbrella.

feeding the ducks in the park,

kicking up piles of leaves and watching them fall.

walking in a blizzard, hand in hand

our friends' jokes about us being long lost twins, conjoined at the hip

underwater kisses, watching kids splash and flail,

interlocking fingers, clumsy and carefree

going home to get changed to go back out for dinner

candles and roses set the moonlight scene

back home to fall asleep in each other's arms.

breathing in cigarette smoke touched with your perfume

waking in the morning to toast and coffee.

after doing the chores playing a game of scrabble,

letters dancing in the air forming love letters

ever conscious of my increasing heartbeat

and the sparkle in your eyes

replay it over and over

the memories take me away

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