Ape Girl

Celia was never "normal". Ever since she was born she has loved apes. Seeing how they have raised her. When she was born her parents were in Australia but they were young only 17. They didn't want a baby so they just left her. No body knows what happened to them. Celia is use to people running when they see her but on her 15th birthday she starts to feel different. She wants to be normal.


1. I Am Ape Girl

I am a small nimble girl. With brown hair and brown eyes. The animals say I am pretty and I guess I am under all the mud and grass. I am strong and quiet. You would never notice I was there until all your food is gone. I can climb 13 trees that are thirty feet high up and down faster then you could climb half a tree. I can scare away tigers and lions. Befriend anything from a ape to an elephant to a cobra. I can rip flesh with just my teeth. Break open almost anything with just my nails. I can swing on vines without falling. Blend in without being seen. I could fight off many full grown men with my bare hands. Most humans run and scream when they see me cops try to track me down and capture me. To animals I am a friend. To the apes I am family. To some I am a foe.

But to most I am the Ape Girl.

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