Ape Girl

Celia was never "normal". Ever since she was born she has loved apes. Seeing how they have raised her. When she was born her parents were in Australia but they were young only 17. They didn't want a baby so they just left her. No body knows what happened to them. Celia is use to people running when they see her but on her 15th birthday she starts to feel different. She wants to be normal.


2. 15th Birthday

My best friend is Melody the only ape that is the same age as me. She as well as the other apes like to tease me about not having fur. Well it is almost my birthday. When I say birthday you most likely think of friends, cake, presents, candles and wishes. Well the apes idea of an awesome birthday is you get to take the first bite of the fruit we have to eat today, you get to sleep in the good nest and at the end of the day you get to make a wish. I never wished for anything because I had an amazing life well I thought until my 15th birthday.

"You must be so excited that you can take the first bite of the fruit today!"


"Because we have those giant oranges the best kind that only grow every 10 years!"

"Oh yeah."

"Why are you saying it like that? You should be thrilled"

"Well I normally would but I want something different this year something normal. I want a normal cake, normal candles and different friends ones who I can have sleep overs with, tell secrets with I want normal friends."

"You know what I want for my birthday the real you to come back the one who doesn't constantly complain about not being normal. And I thought I was your best friend but I get it I'm not normal enough for you."

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