Unexpected Expectations

My expectations were simple for Life. But those expectations changed when I was taken...
I don't know what to Expect...
Except to do what someone else wishes.


5. The Voice

The buzzing was a like a bell, ringing out, telling my mind to process the information. To get out, to leave, to scream and pray that someone will find me and rescue me. It was low pitched, but somehow it hurt my eardrums. I started cowering and whimpering like a lost puppy. I still cannot see how killing me or whatever is going to help anyone. I shook my head repetitively and furiously, maybe it would wake me up. I'm pretty certain this is all a nightmare, and a bloody torturous one too!


This is a test.


The buzzing ceased. But the low almost evil voice faded in. So it was a speaker. So this is just a torture room? Is it!? I don't know.

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