Unexpected Expectations

My expectations were simple for Life. But those expectations changed when I was taken...
I don't know what to Expect...
Except to do what someone else wishes.


3. The Lightbulb

I must have passed out, because my eyes woke to light that was heavy and miles too bright. Even though when my eyes flickered open, I was only blinded by more black darkness. Oh when will this torture end?


I can feel my muscles, but cannot move them. I wriggled by wrists around in circles only to get a slight rope burn. I was tied up. To a chair with small splinters stabbing into my back, but no blood was drawn. At least I think. My legs were also trapped, obviously to the chair legs. But that wasn't by rope, but by metal rings attached to the chair. I'm guessing this. Even if I could bend enough to see it, I wouldn't be able to. The dim light bulb that hung loosely didn't offer much in the way of vision. But I could faintly make out the corners of the room, which were close together. The room was very small indeed. Like a prison. But it was that in my instance, maybe even a Stockyard, like I'm an animal being judged in the way of meat, and then slaughtered for profit. But I cannot see how killing me would give these people any advantage, and with what is another question.


The light bulb flickered, like a dying flame. The electrical static buzzed. It's high pitch frequency started to give me a heavy migraine. I would rub my temples to calm the brain, but for obvious reasons, I cannot. The black walls made the small room feel even more crowded, like they were constantly being pushed closer towards me.




The light bulb died at someone's desire.

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