Unexpected Expectations

My expectations were simple for Life. But those expectations changed when I was taken...
I don't know what to Expect...
Except to do what someone else wishes.


2. The Car

My body reawakened, only to be numb. Nothing could or would be felt. It just moved to the shaking of the ground around me. An Earthquake maybe? That idea was soon changed when my ears picked up the low painful sounds of a dying car engine. My eyes on the other hand picked up nothing, darkness only remained. No light, no blurs, nothing. My lip trembled. My brow soon was soaked with sweat. Nervousness, curiosity, fear. Is there an emotion that combines all of them? Not in my mind there isn't.


Voices soon blurred through my motionless body. Recognising them wasn't easy, I couldn't even tell the apart if they were female or male, let alone who they were. Whispering. What could it be? Maybe they were trying to avoid me hearing their murmurs. Well they aren't doing well. But it's not like I could translate what they were saying, all my mind could process was random noises. No words, no sentences, nothing.


The movement of the car stopped.


I whimpered. Where are they taking me? And what are they going to do with me? It could be anything. Kill me? Rape me? Enslave me? Injure me? So many thoughts came through. Nothing nice, not even something moderately pleasant. I couldn't dare think. I wanted to cover my ears and scream, scream for someone to come and save me from the obviously terrible fate that awaits me.


I hear a door slam open. I try to curl into a ball and cry, but nothing happens. I just have a sensation of pain racing through my blood. Like a knife is being dragged down the whole of my skin, slicing every inch of me. I swear I can feel the blood dripping out my crippled dead body. I'm lifted. A pair of arms raise me from the car, carefully. I don't see how that little amount of gentleness is going to do. Might as well drag me across the ground covered in broken glass. Feels like I already have been.

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