Unexpected Expectations

My expectations were simple for Life. But those expectations changed when I was taken...
I don't know what to Expect...
Except to do what someone else wishes.


8. No Matter What

Hold on a second!
"Your father said I could leave after I agreed to this!" I shouted this. Reality struck me, I didn't understand the need of a child or wife in this complication. The voice sighed.


I'm so sorry. He was lying... I'm gonna kill him one day I swear....


Anger pulsed through the tones in his voice. So this is? I'm to live here, where ever here is. Get married when I'm eighteen, and carry a child of a stranger? At least I'm still alive, I guess that's something.
"Why me..." I whispered to myself. I don't think he heard.


Hold on a second, I'm coming in.


Huh? What did me mean he was coming in? In where? Where was- Oh... He's coming into this room. Crap! I was scared, I didn't want to see him. What if he was ugly? What if he had no hair? What if he was twice the size of me? What if... But then I realised. It won't matter, no matter what happens, I'm gonna be here the rest of my life.




The knob of the door snapped open, and the hinged creaked open with an almighty force. I saw him. I gasped. 

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