Unexpected Expectations

My expectations were simple for Life. But those expectations changed when I was taken...
I don't know what to Expect...
Except to do what someone else wishes.


6. Acceptance

This is a test.


The voice repeated this over and over again, I was too afraid to reply. Maybe it was just a dodgy recording on a loop that was just trying to freak me out. Well... It's certainly working isn't it?


This is a test. Is it accepted?


What? What does it mean by that? So it wasn't a loop, there was actually someone watching me, waiting for my reply... I shivered. Never have liked someone watching me, even if it's for a good reason. I tried to raise my voice but all that came out was a little whisper of a whimper.
"Umm... What?" I was scared the voice was going to shout back something threatening and scary. I tried to make myself scarce and smaller, shrinking into the back of the peeling splintering chair. 


Do you accept?


I don't think this person really gets what I'm saying at all.
"What is it?" my voice projected louder that time, but still more of a whisper. My forehead was sweating, dripping down my cheeks, or were they tears? I couldn't quite tell at the moment.


I am not obliged to supply that information. Do you accept? Yes or no?


How the hell am I supposed to answer that if I don't know what it is!? Seriously! My impression is that I have to let him rape me or something. I bit my lip, peeling the thin layer of flesh off.
"Will I be able to leave afterwards?" that was the only thing I cared about. I seemed to of shouted.




I hesitated. What if I got pregnant? What if he raped me so hard I died? That's a long shot but maybe.
"I accept. Am I allowed to know now?" I called out. This is the only way I can escape from this nightmare. To do his desires, maybe even be his sex slave.


I will let your future husband explain...


The voice dissolved and the buzzing returned. Wait. WHAT! Husband?! Did I just agree to marry someone I know?

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