Summer Love <3 ~Completed~

Summer Love is about a girl named Amanda. For her 17th birthday she gets 2 tickets to a One Direction concert. Her whole life changes. What will happen? Read more to find out. <3


21. What Should She Do?


The next morning I woke up and remembered what happened last night. I sat up and saw that. Chantel was already awake. I checked my phone. It was 10:00. I can't believe I slept that long.

"Good morning sleepy head." Chantel laughed

"Haha very funny. I can't believe it's 10:00 I have to get going soon." I stated

"Oh, before you go though. How do you think I should break the news to Niall?" She questioned

"We'll you have to be gentle. Start off like Niall I really like you or Niall I have to tell you something." I gave ideas

"Yeah I guess so. It's just going to be so hard to do." She sighed

"If it’s too hard don't go." That was all that came out of my mouth.

"We'll I'm going to get changed before my mom gets here." I said running up to her room and changing.

       I threw on my dance cloths and checked my phone. It was 10:30 now and I had a text from my mom.

       ‘I just left, I will be there in 15 minutes.’

I didn’t answer her. I just went back downstairs with my bags in my hand and sat down on the couch next to Chantel.

       “Are you going to go?” I asked her concerened

       “I don’t know anymore. It’s such a great opportunity. But Niall. He’ll be crushed and I don’t want to leave him.” She explained.

       “Well follow your heart. That is the only way you will know for sure if you follow your dream or if you stay with your dream guy.” I said giving her a hug. I heard my mom honk her horn. 

       “Well good luck on whatever you decide to do. I support you no matter what.” I said to Chantel and went outside to my mom and headed to rehearsal.

       After rehearsal, and after my mom bought tickets for my show in two days I texted Chantel.

       ‘Have you decided what you are going to do yet? xxA’

       ‘Yeah. I’m telling Niall now. I better go. xxC’

       ‘Good Luck. xxA'

What should Chantel do? Comment if she should go or stay. I will be updated very soon. So answer right away. Please and thank you. Hope you like it. :)  

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