Summer Love <3 ~Completed~

Summer Love is about a girl named Amanda. For her 17th birthday she gets 2 tickets to a One Direction concert. Her whole life changes. What will happen? Read more to find out. <3


13. The Hate Starts Here.


Harry’s P.O.V:

       “Wake up beautiful.” I whispered into her ears and kissed her on the cheek.

       “Hi babe.” She said fluttering her eyes open and smiling.

She sat up and looked around the room.

       “Where’s Chantel?” she asked

       “Oh she went home last night. She didn’t want to wake you and neither did I so-’’ I said but she interrupted me.

       “You could have woken me up. So you didn’t have to sleep on the couch. I would have gone h-’’ she tried to tell me. But I interrupted.

       “No babe its fine. I didn’t want you to go home.” I wink then kissed her.

       “Where are the rest of the lads?” she asked

       “Well Zayn and Liam went back to their hotel rooms, Louis is with Eleanor, and Niall went over to see Chantel.” I explained to her

       “Wow Niall and Chantel seemed to really hit it off!” she said surprised.

       “Yeah. Are you hungry?” I asked her.

       “Yes. I’m starving!” she exclaimed.

       “How about we go out for breakfast and then I will take you to a movie?” I asked her putting my hands on her waist

       “That would be lovely, I want to spend as much time as I can with you because I have to head home tomorrow.” She said kissing me

       “The lads and I are heading back tomorrow too. Where do you live?” I asked her.

       “In London.” She said winking

       “Great us too. Instead of going on your normal flight you should fly back with us in our jet?” I asked

       “I would love that,” She answered, “I’m going to get ready for breakfast I’ll text you when I’m ready.”

       “Okay by love.” I said kissing her cheek goodbye.

Amanda’s P.O.V:

       After I left Harry’s I went home and jumped in the shower. Once I was out I went and got dressed. I just threw on white skinny jeans with a peachy orange Tank and some white flats with my hair in a bun.

I texted Harry and he came and picked me up and we went to breakfast. After breakfast my iphone started to go off. It was twitter. I unlocked my phone and went to check my notifications. That’s when I saw all of the hate tweets to me. Most of them said things like this:

       ‘Why did Harry pick her? She’s not even pretty.’

That wasn’t even the worst one. Others were calling me a whore and a slut. One even said that I was so desperate I was faking the whole thing. I mean really there are pictures of me with him, out in public! I started to cry.

       “What’s wrong love?” Harry asked

I just push my phone towards him and walked out of the café. Harry came running out following me. Once he caught up to me, he held me in his arms while I cried into his chest.

       “It’s going to  be okay love. It will stop, I promise.” He comforted. I never wanted to leave his arms. 

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