Summer Love <3 ~Completed~

Summer Love is about a girl named Amanda. For her 17th birthday she gets 2 tickets to a One Direction concert. Her whole life changes. What will happen? Read more to find out. <3


19. Spending Time With The Lads


Amanda's P.O.V:

"I love you Amanda." Harry told me looking into my eyes.

I can't believe he just told me he loved me. What am I suppose to say... O yeah duhhh.

"I love you too" I said back and smiled and leaned into kiss me.

I leaned in too and the kiss depend and was interrupted by my phone vibrating.

"Sorry." I pulled back and giggle

I looked at my phone and saw a text from my mom.

        'Do you know if Harry can come to you recital? I'm going to get tickets now.'

"Umm Harry sorry to keep bugging you about this but do you know if you can make it to my recital. My mom wants to know so she can get tickets."


"Management is suppose to be telling us if we have any interviews that day tonight. Can I let you know later?" He asked


"Yeah just let me know by the morning that is when we get tickets." I answered

"Okay babe and it wasn't a bother." He said kissing my nose as I blushed.

"Do you wanna go hang of with the lads? That have been bugging me all week to have to come over. And I think chantel might be there with Niall." He asked me

"I'd love too I haven't seen them in forever it feels like it anyways." I answered all excited

"Okay then lets go." He said getting up grabbing my hand. We walked back to the car and drove to the guys flats. We were going to Louis because everyone was over there. Harry knocked on the door. We stood there hand in hand waiting for the door to open.

"Oh look it's the love birds that we never see anymore." Louis said as he opened the door. I stuck my tongue out at him and walked I ran over to Chantel when I saw her.

"Hiiii!" I basically screamed

"Hey girl. I haven't seen you in forever." She said to me and we chatted for a little while. Harry came and sat by me and put his arm around me and pulled me closer.

Chantel's P.O.V:

    When Harry came over to Amanda. They looked so cute together. You could really tell that they were in love. Niall was sitting next to me with his arm around me. I lied my head on his chest.

"Who wants to play truth or dare?!?!!" Louis screamed

"I do!!" Amanda ad I yelled at the same time.

We all sat in a circle in the living room.

"Truth or dare Harry?" Louis asked

"Dare!" Harry answered.

"I dare you too run threw the building yelling I love cats!" Louis laughed but Harry actually did it. When he got back everyone else had to do a truth or dare. All of us picked dare. Amanda had to go outside and yell at the first person she saw. Louis had to prank call Paul and say he was stalking the lads. But Paul figured it was Louis right away. Zayn had to have his hair styled by one of us.  Niall did it and it was soo messy and funny looking. Liam had to put his underwear on the outside of his pants.. After he came out of the bathroom changed he was wearing batman boxers. Niall can't eat for the next two hours. And I had to trade cloths with Niall.

"You look really cute in my hoodie." Niall said winking at me while I blushed.

"Why thank you. You look pretty funny in my shorts." I laughed and so did everyone else.

I checked my phone, it's 7:30.

"Hey Amanda do you wanna sleep over tonight?" I asked her

"Sure do you mind stopping by my house so I can grab my cloths?" She asked me

"Sure. That's fine."  I answered

Amanda's P.O.V:

"Sure. That's fine." She answered

“I guess we should get going.” I said looking at Harry

“No please stay longer.” He said giving me puppy dog eyes.

“Sorry but we can’t. I have rehearsal tomorrow again at noon. I really should get to sleep.” I explained

“Okay, well I still have to let you know about you recital. I will text you once I find out.” He said to me then gave me a peck on the lips.

       “I love you.” I whispered.

       “I love you too. And I love the way it sounds when you say it.” He whispered back kissing me again.

After, Chantel and I headed out of the lads flats and to her car. 

I hope you enjoyed this one. I will try to update tomorrow. Comments? Suggestions? Like and Favorite this movella. Please and Thank you. ;)

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