Summer Love <3 ~Completed~

Summer Love is about a girl named Amanda. For her 17th birthday she gets 2 tickets to a One Direction concert. Her whole life changes. What will happen? Read more to find out. <3


3. Packing

That just happened to be the best birthday gift of my life. The next day Chantel and I went shopping for cloths to wear for the concert next weekend.
    The concert was in New York on a Saturday. Since we lived in London and it was summer, we were going to leave that Monday and stay at the hotel all week. :)
    While we were shopping we found super cute outfits.
“We need to look amazing, just in case we run into the boys.” Chantel said as she was looking at cloths.
“Okay but I don’t want to be one of those stalkers okay?” I looked at her.
“Fine..” she said
“ Once we were done shopping we headed to my car and I dropped her off at her house, then headed to mine.
Sunday Night:
I called Chantel.
    “Are you packing yet?” I questioned
    “Uh yeah I have been packed ever since this morning.”Chantel answers.
    “So have I.” I laughed. “Well anyways I’m gonna be leaving my house tomorrow morning to pick you up around 8:00am.” i told her
    “Okay... I CANT WAIT!!! Thanks for bring me.”She said basically screaming in the phone.
    “Your’e welcome!!” I screamed back and hung up.
I laid in bed and thought.. Wow its finally here! :)

Sorry I haven't adding anything in about One Direction yet and I changed the title because i have something planned. I'll try to add in One Direction in the next chapter. Hope you like it. :)

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