Summer Love <3 ~Completed~

Summer Love is about a girl named Amanda. For her 17th birthday she gets 2 tickets to a One Direction concert. Her whole life changes. What will happen? Read more to find out. <3


5. Meeting Him <3

Harry’s P.O.V:
    I was starring to the most beautiful eyes in the world. I could tell she was nervous though, she must be a fan.
    She looked gorgeous. The teal skirt complemented her eyes so well. She was absolutely beautiful.
    “Hi, I’m Harry.” I said.
    “Hi, I’m Amanda.” she said looking down. I could see her cheeks turning red.
    “So umm..” I said trying to avoid the silence.
    “Oh yeah, I’m so sorry. But I have to get back to my friend.” she told me pointing into the direction where they were sitting.
    “Oh right... May I have your number? Maybe we can get to know one another.” I said cheekily.
    “Okayy. Here ya go.” She nervously said blushing while handing my her number.
    “Thanks. Talk to you later.” I winked at her.
    “Your welcome bye.” she said turning around walking back to her table.
Amanda’s P.O.V:
    OMG I can’t believe Harry Styles just asked for my number AHH. I went back to the table and told Chantel everything.
2 hours later:
    Chantel and I were sitting in the living room area of our hotel room watching Love Actually. I felt my phone virbrate when I looked up it, it was an unknown number. It said.
-“So glad we meant. How about we get some tea sometimes? xxHarry”-
    “OMG!!” I screamed.
    “What?!?” Chantel asked.
    “Harry just texted me!” I blushed.
    “Well answer him.” she told me.
    “okay.” I sat there thinking about what to say.
-“ Sounds great. How about tomorrow morning at 8:00 in the lobby? xxA”-
    I finally answered and then waited... he replied!
-“ That sounds wonderful love. Tomorrow at 8:00 it is. xxHarry.”-
    I can’t believe I’m going to have tea with Harry Styles! I just took a shower and went to bed.
The next morning:
    ‘It’s time to get up in the morning.’ My alarm went off. I  got up and went straight to my closet. Since we had gotten here I had already unpacked my cloths and put it in the closet at the hotel. It was 7:00am. I had an hour to get ready. It took me 20 minutes to find the perfect outfit. I picked out a peach tank top with white shorts, and peach colored flats. I wore my hair natural and put a little bit of make up on. And my favorite perfume, Paris in bloom.
Now it was time.


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