Summer Love <3 ~Completed~

Summer Love is about a girl named Amanda. For her 17th birthday she gets 2 tickets to a One Direction concert. Her whole life changes. What will happen? Read more to find out. <3


18. I love You. <3


Harry’s P.O.V:

       I stood there at her door step waiting for the door to open. When it finally did, she looked beautiful. The way her long brown hair framed her face. The way her greenish brown eyes sparkled in the sun. The way she smiled at me when she opened the door. God her smile was beautiful. Just like her. I knew just then that I was really in love.

       “Hi love. Are you ready?” I asked her.

       “Yeap.” She answered smiling then closing the door.

I grabbed her hand and walked her to my car. We drove out to a field and got out.

       “I use to come here when I was little.” She mentioned

       “Me too,” I said, “Follow me.” I grabbed the picnic basket and grabbed her hand. We started walking towards a hill.

       “Are we walking up that?” she asked

       “Yeah why?” I asked

       “I’m too lazy and sore from dance last night.” She said cutely.

       “Jump on my back.” I said to her and she did

       “Yay! I love Piggy back rides.” She said as I started to run up the hill. The hill wasn’t that high so I was up pretty fast. (sorry if this doesn’t make sense but I thought it would be romantic) She hopped off my back and I laid out the blanket under the tree. Everything was perfect I was going to tell her here.

       “So did you make this all yourself Chef Styles?” she teased

       “Yes, yes I did.” I said proudly

She giggled and we started to eat. After that I laid down on my back and she did the same scooting closer to me though.

       “Let’s look and see what shapes and in the clouds.” She said

       “Okay, but there are not very many clouds.” I laughed a little.    

       “Woops, I didn’t even notice. I feel stupid now.” She laughed. She had an amazing laugh.

       “No, don’t be. Your very smart. Lets play I Spy instead.”

       “Okay.” She answered

       “I spy something beautiful.” I stated

       “Ermm, where we are right now.?” She questioned.

       “Nope.” I said turning to my side.

       “Then what is it?” she asked turning to her side so we  were facing each other.

       “You.” I said and she blushed.

       “I love you Amanda.” I said and she looked up

       “I love you too.” She smiled

Sorry its not very long. I just thought it needed an update. Comments? Like and Favorite this please. I'm already thinking about a sequel. Should it be called Back For You or Still the One? Comment what you think below 

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