Summer Love <3 ~Completed~

Summer Love is about a girl named Amanda. For her 17th birthday she gets 2 tickets to a One Direction concert. Her whole life changes. What will happen? Read more to find out. <3


7. Hanging out.


Chantel’s P.O.V:

“Well how was you date with Mr Harry Styles?” I asked and turned around. There I saw Harry in person I just couldn’t believe it. 

“Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.” I heard her say while I was still in amazement. 

Amanda’s P.O.V:

I walked over the couch and sat down. Harry followed me and sat right next to me. 

“Does you guys want to watch a movie?” I asked

“Sure.” Chantel answer.

“Let’s watch Love Actually!” Harry exclaimed.

“Okay... even though we just watched that yesterday. But I love that movie so its fine.” I smiled at him

We sat and watched the movie. In the middle of if Harry got a call. 

“Sorry love but it’s Louis, I have to take it.” He said before getting up.

“Thats okay.”I answered then continued to watch the movie. 

After the call Harry walked back into the room.

“I’m so sorry but ermm... I gotta go I completely forgot that we had an interview at 2:00pm.” He told me i sighed quietly to myself.

“Thats okay, I understand,” I answered, “I’ll walk you out.” I continued getting up.

We walked over to the door and he looked at me. I got lost once again in is eyes. I think he got lost in mine too. :) We stared at each other for a moment then he started to lean in closer. and closer and even closer. When he kissed my cheek. It sent chills down my spine and I blushed.

“Bye love.” He said while winking

“Byee.” I winked at him too

He opened the door and left. 

Harry’s P.O.V:

I walked over to the elevator and hit the button. I should have kissed her, not just on the cheek but on the lips. But what if i scared her away. Maybe she thinks that im moving to fast even though i just pecked her cheek. I hope she doesn’t think that though. 

I went back to my hotel room and got ready for the interview. In the car ride there I thought about Amanda. Then I texted her. 


Amanda’s P.O.V:

OMG  I can’t believe he kissed my cheek! I kinda wished he had kissed me on the lips but it’s a start right. Any ways I walked back over to where Chantel was sitting. “Soo, anything interesting happen?” Chantel asked

“He kissed my cheek!!!” i said excitedly 

“Omg!” She said and gave me a hug then sat back down to finish the movie. I felt my phone vibrate but I didn’t now where it was.

“Chantel, do you know where my phone is?” I asked her.

“Umm,” she started to look, “it’s right here.” she said handing it to me.

“Thanks.” I said

I read the text message the said:

‘I was wondering if you would like to go out tonight for dinner. xxHarry’

Omg he wanted to go out with me again.

“Who is it?” Chantel asked.

“Harry.” I blushed

“What he say??” he asked

“He ask me to dinner tonight what should i say?” I aksed

“Well obviously say yes!!” she practically screamed.

“okay okay.” I said starting to text Harry back

“He really likes you.” she said

“How do you know?” I asked her

“Well he just left like 5 minutes ago and he is already asking you out again.” she said and I laughed and continued text Harry.


“I would love to. See you tonight. ;) xxA”


“See you around 7 love. dress nice beautiful. ;) xxHarry’


I canr believe I’m going on my second date with Harry.

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