Summer Love <3 ~Completed~

Summer Love is about a girl named Amanda. For her 17th birthday she gets 2 tickets to a One Direction concert. Her whole life changes. What will happen? Read more to find out. <3


14. Another Question.


Instead of going to the movies we just hung out with the lads, Chantel and Eleanor. I got really close with Niall. He was now like my new best guy friend. El and I got pretty close to. While Chantel and I packed up our things we talked about how our lives changed so much since we came to New York.

       “Has Niall asked you to be his girlfriend yet?” I aksed her teasing.

       “No. Why would you say that?” she asked

       “Well he clearly likes you Chantel. Plus you two have already been on a couple of dates.” I said while she just blushed. After we were done packing, we both headed down to the lads hotel room(s).

       “Hey love.” Harry said when he opened the door as he gave me a quick kiss.    

       “Hi.” I said back walking in.

We went and sat down. Niall was there too. I guess the rest of the lads and Eleanor went back to their rooms.

       “Erm.. Chantel do you want to go for a walk?” Niall asked Chantel.

I looked at her and winked.

Chantel’s P.O.V:

       “Erm.. Chantel do you want to go for a walk?” Niall asked me. Amanda looked at me and winked

       “Sure I would love too.” I answered him smiling. We walked outside and Niall grabbed my hand. As we continued to walk Niall turned a corner and led me somewhere. Before I knew we were in Central Park. Once we got there Niall turned around and held both of my hands.

       “Chantel, I know we just met a few days ago, but I really, really like you. So I’m just going to say it,” he paused, “Would you be mine? What I mean-’’ He continued but I cut him off… with a kiss.

I didn’t know what else to say so I kissed him and hope he would kiss back. And he did! The kiss deepen but the he pulled away.

       “I’m guessing that is a yes.?.?” Niall asked

       “You’re 100% correct. And I really, really like you to.” I said while he hugged me. We walked around a bit longer then went back to the hotel.


Amanda’s P.O.V:

       “I wonder why Niall wanted to go for a walk with Chantel?” Harry announced

       “Ermm, isn’t it obvious. He’s asking her to be his girlfriend! Duhh.” I laughed

       “You really think that?” he asked

       “Yes I do.” I sassed back

       “Wow Louis has really rubbed off on you huh?” he laughed

I just laughed and kissed him on the cheek. After that Niall and Chantel walked back in holding hands.

       “Sooo how it go??” I questioned

       “We are a coupled now!” Chantel explained. I congratulated her and Niall. And gave Chantel a hug.

       “I told you Harry!” I said playfully hitting him in the stomach sitting back down on the couch. He laughed and put his arm around me.

       “How did you know I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend?” Niall said confused.

       “I could just sense it. Besides you too are so cute together.” I explained. Chantel and Niall just blushed.

       “So do you guys want to watch a movie?” Harry asked

       “Well I think, I should get back to my hotel room because we have to get early tomorrow for our flight.” I explained to Harry getting up. But he grabbed my hand and pulled me onto his lap.

       “You can stay here tonight.” He said winking.

       “How about we watch the movie and if I’m not sleeping by the end of it then I will go to my room and if I am then I will stay with you.” I said winking back.

       “Sounds good to me.” He said and kissed me on the cheek.             

       “You guys are so cute together.” Chantel said sitting down.

So we put a movie in and I cuddled up to Harry and Chantel did the same to Niall. Harry started rubbing my back. I looked up at him.

       “Are you trying to make me fall asleep?” I whispered.

       “Maybe.” He said then laughed.

I just turned back to watch the movie and before I knew it I fell asleep.

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