Hatred In The Form Called Harry Styles!

Olivia and Kayla were your average best friends who did everything together, well that was until Kayla got a boyfriend. A boyfriend who goes by the name Harry Styles, Harry hated Olivia and Olivia hated Harry. All their conversations turned into arguments but what happens when one fight gets out of hand will Olivia lose Kayla forever!


4. I'm Gonna Get You!


Olivia’s POV

I stood up looking at all the passed out bodies on the floor making me giggle a little, after the movie last night we all got really hyper and started having a pillow fight and dancing about until we all just passed out on the floor. As I swerved through all the bodies to get to the kitchen I dodged their hands and hair, well that was until I got to Harry and Kayla I couldn’t resist I stood right on one of his precious curls making sure it pulled and I ran straight to the kitchen.

I heard a scream of pain followed by a whole bunch of curse words come from the living room and I had to bite my cheeks to hold the laugh in as I heard his footsteps near the kitchen.

“I know it was you Olivia why would you do that?!” He hissed his hand on his head, oh god I bit my cheeks harder.

“What you talking about curly?” I asked pulling my innocent look as I heard the others get up and Louis and Kayla walked into the kitchen as well.

“You know what im talking about you stood on my hair, on purpose!” He shouted.

“Omg Curly im sorry, I didn’t realise I’d stood on it I would never do that on purpose were friends” I said sounding pretty convincing, he just glared at me as he saw right through my act but Kayla and Louis were pretty convinced.

“Calm down babe I’m sure she wouldn’t do it on purpose she’s not like that” Kayla reassured, I smiled at my best friend.

“Yeah Haz no harm done” Louis nodded.

“Whatever” He huffed and walked out.

‘Touchy’ I whispered to myself as Kayla followed after him.

“Did you say something?” Louis asked.

“Nope” I smiled “Want some breakfast?”

Before he could answer Niall burst through the kitchen door “I heard the mention of food” he said making me and Louis laugh.

“Seriously im hungry” he added.

“It’s okay my little leprechaun me and Lou are making breakfast now” I laughed and he just nodded and left.

“Can you get everything out while I go to the toilet?” I asked Lou.

“Yeah sure I’ll try my best to find everything” He smiled

“Thanks” I said skipping off towards the bathroom, I saw everyone in the living room but Harry where had he gotten too?

Just as I was about to get to the bathroom someone grabbed my arm and pulled me into Kayla’s room.

“Woah” I shouted as I tripped over my own feet I fell and landed on top of someone, I looked down to meet a pair of emerald green eyes.

I pretended to gag as I got off him, you didn’t think we were going to have a moment did you I hate this guy’s guts.

“Real mature Olivia” He said rolling his eyes as he got up.

“What do you want Harry because if you don’t mind my bladder can’t hold much longer” I glared at him.

“Jesus Christ too much information and oh I brought you in here to warn you!” He screwed his face up.

“Warn me?” I asked.

“Yes warn you because you don’t mess with me Olivia!” He threatened and just as he walked away he leant down to my ear and whispered “I’m gonna get you”

This sent chills down my spine as he exited the room, he didn’t scare me of course he doesn’t whatever he does I can do 10x harder.

After using the bathroom I skipped down the stairs and entered the kitchen to see Lou and Harry talking.

“Sorry I took so long I had a phone call” I smiled as I made my way to Lou, Harry began to exit the room but as he left I whispered making sure he heard but Lou didn’t.

“Not if I get you first!” 

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