Hatred In The Form Called Harry Styles!

Olivia and Kayla were your average best friends who did everything together, well that was until Kayla got a boyfriend. A boyfriend who goes by the name Harry Styles, Harry hated Olivia and Olivia hated Harry. All their conversations turned into arguments but what happens when one fight gets out of hand will Olivia lose Kayla forever!


2. First Impressions!


Olivia’s POV

I slammed my hand down on top of my alarm as the noise blared through my room disturbing my sleep. I rolled off the bed…literally and landed on the floor with a thump, groaning I got up and decided to get a wash before going to pick up Kayla and the boys from the airport.

I picked up a towel and made my way to the bathroom switching on the shower and striping down before stepping in letting the warm water cascade down my body. I massaged my shampoo through my red hair before rinsing it out and stepping out of the shower my feet contacting the cold hard tiles of the bathroom floor.

I quickly dried myself and before going back into my room to pick out some clothes. I decided on my purple today I decided to be awesome shirt, my blue skinnies and my purple converse. Once I was dressed it was 10:00am and I had to pick Kayla up at 11:30am so I decided to quickly dry and curl my hair before slipping on a black beanie and some coloured bangles and making my way out the door.


I sat in the airport Costa sipping on my hot chocolate waiting peacefully for their plane to land as I had got here 15 minutes early than I had planned and I have now been here 10 minutes so I only had 5 minutes to wait.

“Flight 267 from LA is about to land”

I got up chucking my cup into the bin and making way to the departure gate where they would come out from in a matter of minutes. Once I got to the gate I got bored and decided to put my headphones in with my music on full blast blocking out the full world around me. Unfortunately I blocked it out so much I didn’t realise I had been dancing and singing out loud into I felt a tap on my shoulder, I pulled my headphones out switching off my music before turning around to be faced with my best friend laughing her head off as well as the 5 boys behind her.

“KAYLA! I missed you!” I screamed trying to get over what just happened.

Kayla engulfed me in a welcoming hug before giggling again “You’re such a Muppet”

“Yeah but you love me anyway”

“That’s very true” She replied and gave me another hug.

I skipped away from the hug over to the One Direction boys, I was in a weird mood today so they were in for a surprise.

“Hello boys! We meet again! “I smile.

They all smiled at me letting out another little chuckle well of course apart from Harry who just seemed to be glaring at me, what is this kid’s problem seriously well for now im going to be myself around him he can take the first bite, I am not letting him get to me.

“Okay so I don’t do normal names so you all need nicknames, so let’s get started” I went to stand in front of Niall who did nothing but grin at me I chuckled before deciding his name “You my friend are going to be my little leprechaun”

I then moved on to Louis “You will be Carrot boy, helping night vision around the world” I winked.

Next was Liam “You’re from now on to be called LiLi, yeah LiLi I like that” He groaned a little but smiled anyway making me laugh.

“Okay Zayn, actually I quite like your name its peculiar so you will be Zayn” I smiled and he smiled too.

Lastly I stood in front of Harry who continued to glare while I just smiled “And you, you will be curly, there done!” I giggled turning to Kayla, but a husky voice shocked me and made me turn back around “So what should we call you little miss annoying” Harry laughed a smug look on his face, I glared at him before replying.

“No, Livs will do just fine” and with that said I skipped towards Kayla to start our well-deserved catch up, but not before turning to see a shocked look plastered on Harry’s face. Yeah that’s right don’t mess with Olivia Mae Jones.

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