Hatred In The Form Called Harry Styles!

Olivia and Kayla were your average best friends who did everything together, well that was until Kayla got a boyfriend. A boyfriend who goes by the name Harry Styles, Harry hated Olivia and Olivia hated Harry. All their conversations turned into arguments but what happens when one fight gets out of hand will Olivia lose Kayla forever!


1. Explain Yourself!


Olivia’s POV

I looked down at the magazine in front of me with my best friends face splattered all over it, I couldn’t believe it how could she not tell me she had met someone over in America. The thing is though it wasn’t just anyone it was Harry Styles.

I picked up my laptop quickly logging into Twitter and Skype this girl had a lot of explaining to do!

@KaylaRose Get your sexy butt on Skype now you have a lot to explain!!

The sound of a skype call filled the room as I clicked accept with video her tanned face popped up on my screen.

“Kayla Rose what in the gods name is this?” I pointed at the magazine “And when were you going to tell me!”

“Okay I can explain Olivia I swear”

“Come on then explain”

“Well I met him and his band One Direction over here and well it started from there I suppose but you’ll love them there amazing im so sorry I didn’t tell you Livs” she explained.

“It’s okay I suppose just hurry up and get back home I miss you around here London’s not the same without you”

“I’ll see you next week Livs love you bye bye” She blew a kiss and ended the call.

I sighed before deciding to go get changed im no use in my pyjamas anyway.


I logged back into my skype and twitter as I lay on my bed, when I got another call from Kayla, weird. Anyway I answered it, to see my best friend sat there with One Direction, this could be interesting. Harry sat there with his arm around Kayla and his face looked all smug.

“So the boys couldn’t wait to meet you and insisted we called you so here we are!” Kayla smiled.

I rolled my eyes before putting on the best fake smile I could manage “Yeyy, introduce me then!”

“Okay so guys this is Olivia Mae, Olivia this is Harry as you may know!” She pointed at Harry next to her and he smirked at me “This is Niall” she then pointed at the blonde boy behind her who appeared to be eating a pack of doritos.

“Are you eating doritos?” I asked pointing at the screen.

“Yeah buddy!” He replied with a strong Irish accent.

“Anyway, this is Liam!” She pointed at the boy behind her who was smiling brightly at me and waving.

“This is Zayn” She then pointed to a darkish boy with a quiff “And lastly this is Louis” She pointed to the boy who appeared to be eating a carrot.

“Okay quick question do you like carrots?” He asked.

“Erm…yes I do why?”

“Good we can be friends” He smiled.

“Okay then, anyway Hi boys!” I smiled and waved getting a wave back of them all but Harry who just kept on smirking and hugging Kayla.

“We should go now, see you soon Livs I love you” She blew another kiss while the boys just waved and then ended the call.

A chill ran up my spine when I realised the bad vibes I had got from Harry, I have a funny feeling im not going to like my best friends boyfriend.

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