For the love of my daughter {One Direction}

"I told you to stay out of my life Sam! You said you didn't want anything to do with her, so why do you suddenly care when she's happy!?"
"She's my daughter, I know what's best for her!"
"You know shit! You've never been here for her! You don't even know her! Just leave us alone!"
"I want her out of the media Alex!"
"She likes being with the boys!"
"I'm taking this to the police!"
"Yeah do that. I have the custody so you can do shit about it!"
I knew Sam had never liked One Direction, but taking them out of Caitlin's life now that she finally had them in real life wasn't fair, though I couldn't help but wonder if he was right. Was it really good for my daughter to be surrounded by the paparazzi whenever she was with one of the boys?
My name is Alexandria Griffin, but call me Alex, I'm an 18 year old model and mother for a 4 year old girl.


12. Staying with the band

It had been a couple of days since Caitlin and I had moved out of the flat I owned. It was for sale now and I was just waiting for someone to buy it. It was Friday afternoon and I just gotten home from work. Nick had picked up Caitlin a bit early so she could come home early. We were moving in with the boys today even though I thought it was kinda weird when they didn't know us better. I had put my old flat for sale and I was glad that I was moving on in my life. 

I had moved all of my stuff out and everything was at my mums place. 

I heard the doorbell go on before I had gotten my shoes off. I was still standing in the hall and just waiting for Harry to come by. We had spoken a lot through the week and he has been really friendly and just really helpful. 

I opened the door and of course the curly haired boy was standing right in front of me with the biggest smile on his face. 


I smiled all the time when I was around him. He always made me happier. 

"Hey Alex. Are you ready?" 

"Almost. It got a little late with the meeting so Nick picked up Caitlin." 


As soon as I had gotten my shoes off Harry pulled me in for a hug. 

"Missed me?" 

I loved teasing him, he was always so sweet and kind around me, but I still didn't know if I wanted that relationship he wanted. 

"Of course I did." 

He leaned down and kissed my cheek just like he always did. 

He took my hand when I let go of him and walked into the living room. I let go of his hand again to tell him that I only needed a friend right now, but I guess he had a really hard time understanding it. 


I yelled as soon as I was in the hall that led to the living room, and I could hear Nick encouraging Caitlin to go say hi to me, but she refused. She was probably busy with her toys or the TV. 

I went into the living room and I saw Caitlin playing with Nick's iPad. Of course she was playing some dressing game and was being all moody when both Harry and I tried to say hi to her. 

"Sam isn't here for once?" 

"No he's at work." 

"Wow so he actually do, do some shoots." 

I laughed for myself for a while and I saw Harry giggle beside me as well. 

"Nick we'll go pack the rest and then we'll go to Harry's place. I left the address for mum so you'll know where we're staying. Just make sure other people won't see it." 


"And if you let Sam out there I'm gonna break your balls." 

I gave him a warning finger and by the hurt look he gave me back I knew he understood what I meant and how serious I was about this. 

“I know he’s not supposed to visit you.”


I turned around and went down to my old room. I was kinda moody today, but I guess it was only because I was so unsure of everything right now. Harry lay down on my bed as I was packing the last clothes and my toilet requisites which were still in the bathroom.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

I looked at Harry who was just being really lazy on the bed and did nothing put stare at me and play with his phone.

“Yes. Do you wanna join?”

He smirked at me and kept playing with his phone.

“Very funny Harry.”

I finished packing and then lay down beside him on the bed. I cuddled all up to him laying my head on his shoulder while he was playing some random game on his phone. Harry turned his head around after a while and looked at me.


Our foreheads met and I suddenly felt like kissing him, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t just kiss him and then that would be it. I knew I would thirst for more.


I smiled all over my face while Harry stroke my hair.

“We better get going.”

I took his hand away from my head and got up from the bed. Harry had that disappointed look written all over his face again and I felt sorry for him, because at some point I knew what he was feeling.

When I stepped out of the room I had all of the bags in my hands and hanging over my shoulders. Caitlin was still sitting in the living room playing with Nick’s iPad. At the same time the front door opened and Sam appeared in the door.

“Hasn’t anyone taught you how to use a doorbell?”

“Funny sweetheart.”

He grabbed my ass as he walked by and I was just about to turn around and slap him when Harry grabbed my hand. I threw the bag I had over my shoulder and forced Harry to let go of my hand as I walked into the living room and sat down beside Caitlin.

“Caitlin sweetie you have to put the iPad down and come with mummy and Harry now.”

It took her a while to finish her game but she actually did what I said. Caitlin actually did what I said most of the time, but I guess it was because I didn’t expect much of her and I had always been the one to tell her what to do and not to do.

She put the iPad down and ran out to Harry who was standing in the hall ready to leave. Harry helped her with her shoes while I was getting my own. We got all of the stuff out in the car and then stood inside ready to say goodbye for now.

“So that was the rest of the stuff. I’ll see you around Nick.”

I stepped up on the tip of my toes and wrapped him in the bear hugs we used to give to each other. Nick and I had always been really and we had never been the siblings to fight. Not before Caitlin was born at least. Of course we had our times, but most of the time we just either ignored each other or just played some video games.

“We do. Take care of yourself, and make sure those guys are taking care of you as well.”

“Of course they will.”

Caitlin and Harry said goodbye as well and then we went out to the car. I was now officially staying with the band of my dreams, but now they were so much more than that. They were my friends.

We pulled up outside the huge flat and got the car parked. I could hear the noise all the way down the street. It was obvious that Louis and Eleanor was doing something reckless and it was something that had to do with Niall and a game he was in the middle of.

We went inside not knowing what was going to catch our eyes, but before we got the chance of opening the door Zayn came running out with Perrie right behind him.

“Oh hey!”

“Where are you guys heading?”

“Louis, Niall and Eleanor are having a food fight.”

They were both laughing but it still scared me a little.

“Yeah but where are you heading?”

“Just out for a bit. We’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

“Can you help with the bags before you leave?”


Zayn looked from me to Caitlin and then picked up Caitlin, who was calling his name and then carried her inside, while tickling her and just making her laugh.

Perrie stood beside Harry and me and laughed a bit, because she could see how much Zayn enjoyed it.

“Isn’t it just typical Zayn to just leave us with all of the bags?”

“You know him too well already.”

Harry smirked at me and then we all took some of the bags and carried them inside, where we were met by a huge mess. There was food all over the place and it smelled really bad, but Niall, Louis and Eleanor was still running around in there dirty clothes and throwing food at each other. Zayn was running from room to room and letting Caitlin pretend to be flying and she seemed to really enjoy it.

I just hurried past them all and put the bags in the extra room that Caitlin and I was going to share. Though according to Harry this was gonna be Caitlin’s room and I was going to share with him. Honestly I wouldn’t mind. That night I slept beside him was like the best night for a long time for me, and I hadn’t felt anything like it since. Soon both Harry and Caitlin were in the room as well. I didn’t want her to get all messed up in the food thing, even though they had started to clean now. While Harry helped Caitlin unpack her toys and he unpacked her clothes I went out into the bathroom to freshen up. I needed five minutes to breathe. My 5 minutes alone.

Soon everything was in order and the bags of clothes and my most needed stuff was unpacked here. I hadn’t brought my own furniture as there were the things both Caitlin and I needed in the room.

“Thanks for the help Harry.”

“You’re welcome.”

He stepped closer to me and again I didn’t want to move away from him. I wanted to have him closer to me. I was falling for him there was no doubt, but I had to keep refusing it for myself.

Caitlin was playing with her toys right next to us and I heard her voice that snapped me back to reality of what I had been thinking shortly before. I didn’t really get to react on anything in the real world before both Louis and Eleanor was in the room as well. They had gotten new clothes on and they both hugged me as a welcome.

“Louis come play with my dolls with me.”

It was hard not letting out a giggle when Louis turned around and sat down on the floor with Eleanor and Caitlin and they were all playing with the dolls. This was what I loved most about Louis, he was still being childish, but at the same time he could actually be serious. Sometimes it was just hard to separate those things.

While I was staring at Louis, Eleanor and Caitlin playing with the dolls, Harry snuck his hand around mine and pulled me out of the room.

“Harry what are you doing?”

I was looking at him with a smile on my face but still questioning him as we walked down the hall and he opened the door I knew led to his room.


He closed the door before he had barely gotten me inside and then pushed me gently up against the door.

“Harry no.”

I had a smile written in my eyes even though my lips said no, my eyes begged him to crash his lips against mine, but I managed to pull away from it. 

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