For the love of my daughter {One Direction}

"I told you to stay out of my life Sam! You said you didn't want anything to do with her, so why do you suddenly care when she's happy!?"
"She's my daughter, I know what's best for her!"
"You know shit! You've never been here for her! You don't even know her! Just leave us alone!"
"I want her out of the media Alex!"
"She likes being with the boys!"
"I'm taking this to the police!"
"Yeah do that. I have the custody so you can do shit about it!"
I knew Sam had never liked One Direction, but taking them out of Caitlin's life now that she finally had them in real life wasn't fair, though I couldn't help but wonder if he was right. Was it really good for my daughter to be surrounded by the paparazzi whenever she was with one of the boys?
My name is Alexandria Griffin, but call me Alex, I'm an 18 year old model and mother for a 4 year old girl.


13. Photo Shoot for Girl's Life


I pulled up in front of the new studio. Zoe was there already when I got there and I knew I was late and she was gonna be mad. 

I walked in with the coffee in my hand and took off my sunglasses. 

"I'm sorry I'm late! I know I should have been here half an hour ago, but someone took my car this morning and I'm gonna murder him when I get home." 

I sat down by the make-up table and started covering the dark rings under my eyes.

“You’re in really big trouble Alex!”

“I know, I said I’m sorry Zoe.”

“The other model has been waiting for you in forever! You might never get a shoot here again!”

“Do you know how many fucking keys that boy has?! It took me forever to find the one that matched his car ok? It was either this or I should have walked! I texted you what was going on so calm yourself down, my morning hasn’t been perfect, but I’m trying to do my very best here.”

I finished my make-up and changed into the clothes I was supposed to wear that Zoe was holding in her hands. I didn’t care if anyone saw me so I just hurried and changed into my clothes right in front of the make-up table.

“Keep your head focused.”

“I’m doing my very best thank you.”

I pulled the skinny curry yellow jeans up over my butt and buttoned them, before I pulled a grey oversized pullover over my head. My shoes were a pair of black Oxfords with heels that made me 1.5 inch taller than I really was. I didn’t really like the close, but I wasn’t the one to decide what to wear during this shoot. I went back to the mirror where I pulled my hair up in a really high ponytail and then made the smoky eye make-up before I went onto the set with Zoe right behind me.

I apologized to the photographer and everyone else who was on the set and ready to do the new photo shoot.

I stepped out on the set that had a couch and a coffee table. It all looked like a nice living room and I guess that was what the shoot was going to be about.

“Glad you could join us Alex.”

The director’s sarcastic voice filled the room, but I just rolled my eyes and stepped out on the scene. Now where was that other model at?

“Alex if you just sit down in the corner of the couch and then rest your arm on the arm rest, and put your hand under your chin, looking slightly bored, that would be great.”

I did as he said and they then snapped a couple of pictures of me. I wasn’t even ready for the shoot to start but apparently it did.

We were doing a shoot for this sort of magazine story, but it was like a cartoon, so everything was in pictures and those little bubbles with the text in. I got the pictures taken and soon a boy a little older than me walked onto the set. I knew by the way he walked and the way the body was build out that this was a person I knew. A boy about 6 inches taller than me and with an annoying smirk written all over his face appeared in the light.

Sam sat down beside me on the couch after they had taken the pictures of him walking towards me.

“What are you doing here Sam?”

I spit it out through my teeth while posing for the camera.

“Aww don’t be mad at me babe. I know you missed me.”

I rolled my eyes as we moved around on the set. The thing about Sam was that no matter how much I hated him, I had to work with him once in a while as he was working as a model as well. Ever since we broke up I tried avoiding getting jobs with him, but it wasn’t always my luck.
Being the weak person I was, Sam always knew what to do when we were working together to make me want him back. That was the reason I hated him so much. He took advantage of me when I was in a weak position.

“Sam, take her hand and look her directly into her eyes, as if you’re going to ask her out.”

Sam did as he was told to and I felt my skin burning as his hand touched mine.

“Good now stroke her cheek and smile to her. Alex, look at him as if he was the only person in the world you can see and everything you ever want and need.”

I did what was said, but I knew where this was taking, and this time I couldn’t let it happen.

“You have the most beautiful eyes in the world Alex.”

Sam smirked at me, and I felt how I blushed because he gave me the feeling of being 13 again. The time where I was in love with him, before I even got pregnant.

We moved to the instructions we got and before I knew it his forehead was leaning against mine. I was smiling shyly over my lips but Sam’s hand found its way to pull my head up by placing his fingertips under my chin and look me directly into my eyes.

“Good chemistry guys! You’re doing really great! Now kiss each other.”

I heard the words, and soon I felt Sam move closer to me, our lips came closer and closer, less than an inch between them. I wanted to but I didn’t want to. What was I supposed to do? This was my work.

Millimeters were between our lips when the thought of Harry came to me. I couldn’t do this. It would hurt him. My heart belonged with Harry now, not Sam. I couldn’t do this.

I got myself twisted out of Sam’s arms and then ran off the set and into the changing room, where I sat down. I felt the tears press in my eyes; I couldn’t do this right now.

Zoe opened the door to the room and came down to sit beside me.

“What’s going on Alex?”

“Why did you let Sam in here? You know what he does to me Zoe! You know I don’t like working with him! You know how much I hate him!”

“Alex I didn’t have a choice! You have a good chemistry on the camera and that is what this magazine needs.”

“I don’t care about what they need or not Zoe! I’m tired of crying over him, because he hurts me all the time! I’m not doing the rest of the shoot.”

“Alex you can’t do this.”

“Watch me. I’m not doing the rest of the shoot.”

“You can ruin your entire career.”

“I got offered a job as permanent model for Dolce and Gabbana, so I don’t think that’s possible.”

“When were you gonna tell me about this?”

“After today when we had finished the shoot, but they want you to be a part of it I guess. I said I didn’t want to do it without my own agent, as you’re my trainer as well, but you’ll be taught in their ways just as I will. They agreed and called in for a meeting Thursday next week.”

“We’re doing it.”

I smiled at her and wiped away the tears that had escaped my eyes. She knew she had done something wrong, but as my agent she was going to make it up to me again.

Zoe went to pick up my own clothes I had left by the make-up table and handed them to me so I could chance before we left the studios. 

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