For the love of my daughter {One Direction}

"I told you to stay out of my life Sam! You said you didn't want anything to do with her, so why do you suddenly care when she's happy!?"
"She's my daughter, I know what's best for her!"
"You know shit! You've never been here for her! You don't even know her! Just leave us alone!"
"I want her out of the media Alex!"
"She likes being with the boys!"
"I'm taking this to the police!"
"Yeah do that. I have the custody so you can do shit about it!"
I knew Sam had never liked One Direction, but taking them out of Caitlin's life now that she finally had them in real life wasn't fair, though I couldn't help but wonder if he was right. Was it really good for my daughter to be surrounded by the paparazzi whenever she was with one of the boys?
My name is Alexandria Griffin, but call me Alex, I'm an 18 year old model and mother for a 4 year old girl.


1. Photo Shoot for Elle Magazine


I heard the chorus for LWWY playing on my phone which meant someone was calling me. 

"Just a second sweetheart" 

I was sitting with Caitlin in her room playing a game on the floor Tuesday afternoon after I had gotten home from work and picked her up at reception.

I got up and answered my phone. It was my agent so I guessed it was important since she called me when I had gotten off. 

"Zoe? What's up?" 

"Alex darling I just got you the best job ever." 

"Oh tell me?" 

"You'll be going to some new studios in the morning. I'll get a taxi to come pick you up. You'll be doing a photo shoot for Elle Magazine. Tell me... How do you feel about posing nude?" 

"As in totally naked?" 



I went out into the kitchen where I got myself a soda and leaned against the counter. 

"What do you think?" 

"Will I be covered just a little bit?" 

"Yes by your naked male model." 

"If the model is Sam I'm not going to do it!" 

“Your model is not Sam, I’ve told them that you weren’t going to do the shoot if you would be working with him, so don’t worry about that.”

“Good. Who’s the other model then?”

“I can’t tell you about that. Just be ready tomorrow morning. You’ll be picked up at 7.30”

“I don’t think that’s possible. I need to get Caitlin to reception before I’m getting off to work.”

“It’s 7.30 or no shoot.”

“I’ll figure something out. I’ll call my mum or Emily… when do we finish?”

“Around 4pm.”

“God that’s a long shoot… I’ll figure something out Zoe. Don’t worry I’ll be there. Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome.”

We hung up on the phone and I took a deep breath before calling Emily. I was glad that I had a friend like Emily who wasn’t really doing anything right now. She didn’t have a work and she didn’t have to go to school. Emily agreed and she promised me to come over to 7am so she could take Caitlin to reception and pick her up again to come see the rest of the photo shoot. Emily was actually living with me, but she had been visiting her parents for the weekend.

Now being 18 and having a child who was now 4 years old was actually really had, as I was on my own with her. I know you’ll probably judge me for my choice, but getting that kid wasn’t a mistake. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me, even after we moved out of my mum’s crappy flat, and I got the model jobs.


I pulled up at the studios where I was going to the shoot. It was 8am and I was really tired because Caitlin didn’t want to go to bed last night, but I had to keep myself going. I took another sip of my coffee as I walked into the studios where I met Zoe.

“Alex thank God you’re here. What took you so long?”

“Morning traffic in London I guess?”

“Well… yeah go get your hair and make-up done. We’ll be doing the front cover shoot at first which should take no more than 45 minutes. You’ll be ready in 2 hours and then I’ll follow you to the shoot.”

“Sure thank you.”

I worked on so many pictures through the whole day. Changed from clothes to other clothes… got make-up on and got the make-up taken off.

It was around 2pm when I was sitting with the stylist who was doing my make-up for the last shoot. This was going to be somehow natural but I still had a lot of make-up on. I had gotten extensions in my hair and had gotten it lightly curled so it looked really natural. My make-up was almost done just as Zoe came up to the table.

“Are you ready?”

She looked at me as I was looked at myself in the mirror.


I was really nervous for this shoot and I didn’t really know what to do about myself as I hadn’t seen the set yet, but I had been warned about a male model as well who would be posing naked beside me.

“We’re going into the black room and then there’s going to be a bed in there. That’s all I know.”

“If you want me to have sex on the stage I’m out of here. This wasn’t what I signed up for.”

“I don’t want you to have sex on the stage Alex…but I will have you to go intense on this. You have to hold him close and kiss him.”

“I’ll do that but I won’t have sex with him. I don’t care how beautiful he is.”

At the same time I finished up and went to get undressed in the dressing room right beside the make-up and got my black silk robe on.

I walked out on the stage and looked around. I sat down on the white bed that was placed in the middle of the black room. There was a strong light coming from the floor and lighting up the bed.  I placed myself on the bed still wearing my robe. I wouldn’t take it off until I was asked for it as it was quite cold in here. I looked around and waited for the other model to arrive, but it took at least 10 minutes before the next person came up. The new photographer introduced himself and we shook hands before I saw the pale skin and the dark brown hair down by the photographer. The guy was wearing a robe like mine and I could hear him speak with a really British accent. He wasn’t from London, which was really easy to tell. He was from the North of England. There was something really familiar about him, but what was it? 

The guy turned around and honestly I thought I was going to drop dead when I saw no other than Harry Styles there. I should have known on the voice though, but I guess it was because of the work I had been doing all day that I didn’t think about it.


I looked confused, as he walked up to me and we shook hands.

“Yes I’m Harry, and you are?”

He looked at me and I debated myself whether I wanted to answer or now. I took a deep breath before answering.

“Alexandria Griffin, but people call me.-”



“You look so young. What are you doing here?”

 “My work. I’m 18 for your information.”

I smiled at him as I sat back down on the bed. The music started which meant the photo shoot started as well. We were supposed to get really close to each other but things had suddenly become really odd after I was standing in front of my biggest idol.

“You ready?”

He smiled at me as he helped me up from the bed. I nodded and before I knew about it he was standing behind me with his back against the camera that started snapping pictures. I felt his hands around my waist and suddenly I was back to being 12 and innocent, I didn’t know how to move my body in the seducing angles I used to be able to. He untied the knot as his lips slowly moved over my skin from my collarbone to my shoulder and all the way up my neck, to my ear where he stopped and whispered.

“Don’t be afraid of letting go of it. Just pretend I’m someone else if that’s making it easier for you.”

I turned around and faced him as soon as he had taken my robe off and let my hands find their way from his hair and all the way down to the know on the robe. I ripped it off with one smooth motion and spread my hands over his chest.

I don’t know what was going on but before I knew it we lay side by side on the bed and honestly I just felt like raping him or something like that. I wanted every single part of him.

We sat up in the bed and he covered me with the covers whilst sitting behind me and letting my hair fall down over one shoulder before he started kissing me again. Honestly we were told to do all of the things that happened, but because of the chemistry and the fact that I was totally turned on by his fit body I couldn’t help but feeling it a bit more real than it was. Our lips never met which was a shame because I really wanted to feel those lips against mine, but it would be too intense, though for some reason it happened anyway.

He looked at me, and it wasn’t a secret from the look in my eyes or the biting of my lips that I wanted him. He could probably read me as if I was an open book. He leaned in and before I knew it his lips were over mine and I started moaning against his lips.

I gently bit his lip teasing him even more. It was like we were only me and him in the room and we couldn’t see the flashlights that we at us, but we were soon snapped back to reality when the photographer announced that he had everything he needed. We were separated and got our robes back on. I went out to get dressed just as Caitlin and Emily walked in through the door.


Emily looked at me as I was walking in the direction of my wardrobe. She walked in with me holding Caitlin’s hand.


Caitlin jumped into my arms as soon as the door was closed.

“Hey princess.”

I kissed her on the cheek and just as I turned my head Emily saw something had changed on me.

“Is that a love bite on your neck?!”

Emily looked at me with big eyes and I couldn’t help but smile about the thought of Harry all over me again.

“Yeah I got it from the male model while he was kissing my neck.”

“Who was he?”

“You’ll figure out.”

I smirked at her and got dressed before we all walked out of the wardrobe.

“So how was my princess’ day at the reception?”

I smiled at Caitlin and lifted her up.

“I was playing giants, wizards and elves!”

She looked at me proudly and I kept talking to her as we were about to walk out of the place, but was stopped by someone calling my name.


Everyone looked up to the sound of my name coming from a husky voice.


I looked up as Harry appeared in front of us and I saw Caitlin ripping herself loose from Emily’s grip on her.


I saw the joy spread over Caitlin’s face as she saw Harry. Harry bend down and picked her up in his arms and let her sit there while we were talking. Caitlin was a huge fan of One Direction, but I guess it was mostly because I was listening to their music all the time.

“And who is this beautiful princess?”

“I’m Caitlin, and that’s Auntie Emily and that’s mummy!”

 She pointed at Emily and then to me. Harry’s expression on his face changed a lot. I guess he got himself a surprise for knowing that I was a mother at the age of 18.

“She’s your daughter?”

He looked at me slightly shocked and surprised.

“Yeah, she is.”

“And that’s your sister?”

“No this is my best friend Emily. She lives with me, and helps me take care of Caitlin.”

"Pleasure meeting you." 

Emily reached out her hand and Harry shook it without barely looking at her. 

"You did great in there Alex." 

"Thanks. You weren't bad yourself." 

"After a couple of shoots with the rest of the band you get used to it.

"I guess that's how it is being all famous." 

"Yeah, you must know a bit about yourself, being a model for such a huge magazine." 

"Actually this was only a tryout to see if I can make it with the bigger magazines." 

"Oh what's your usual?" 

"Just whatever my agent gets me. It's about taking whatever pays good when you're trying to make a living out of it." 

"So when you're not doing photo shoots you're?" 

"Being a mother, working with make-up and different products, following a special diet and just trying to be perfect." 

"You know perfect isn't real right?" 

"Well Mr. Styles I try my very best to be, and so far I'm doing great. We better get going. It was nice meeting you Harry and thanks for the amazing shoot." 

I smiled at him and reached out to lift Caitlin off of Harry's arm and take her with me. 

"No mommy!" 

She was hiding her head in his shoulder.

"Caitlin c'mon. We need to go back home to make a dinner." 

"I don't wanna go home!" 

I rolled my eyes as a smirk spread across Harry's face. 

"Caitlin don't be like this. You know mummy is tired and we need to go home." 

"But mummy!" 

"No Caitlin." 

She started crying as I took her down from Harry's arm and up on mine. 

"Emily can you take Caitlin with you to the car?" 


"Thank you." 

As soon as Emily had left with a crying Caitlin I turned around to face Harry. 

"This is no time to laugh Harry! Do you know how hard it is to raise a child on your own?" 

"I'm sorry." 

"Yeah you should be! Do you even know how much she loves you and your band mates? Then laughing and not supporting me won't making it any easier for me." 

"Look I'm sorry. Let me make it up to you."

"What are you gonna do?" 

"Let me come with you home and make dinner for you." 

"Nice try." 

"No really I'm a quite good chef." 



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