For the love of my daughter {One Direction}

"I told you to stay out of my life Sam! You said you didn't want anything to do with her, so why do you suddenly care when she's happy!?"
"She's my daughter, I know what's best for her!"
"You know shit! You've never been here for her! You don't even know her! Just leave us alone!"
"I want her out of the media Alex!"
"She likes being with the boys!"
"I'm taking this to the police!"
"Yeah do that. I have the custody so you can do shit about it!"
I knew Sam had never liked One Direction, but taking them out of Caitlin's life now that she finally had them in real life wasn't fair, though I couldn't help but wonder if he was right. Was it really good for my daughter to be surrounded by the paparazzi whenever she was with one of the boys?
My name is Alexandria Griffin, but call me Alex, I'm an 18 year old model and mother for a 4 year old girl.


15. Backstage with the band


I was lying in my bed Friday night. All of the boys had been stressing around ever since they got home. Caitlin was fast asleep, I could hear her gentle snoring across the room, but I couldn’t sleep. I turned around and faced the ceiling, but it didn’t help, all I could think about was the kisses and the cuddling Harry and I had done before I went to pick up Caitlin.

I took my phone and looked at the screen. Harry had texted me a couple of minutes ago.

“Are you still awake? x”

“Yeah, why?”

“Can’t sleep?”


“Me neither.”

What did he want me to do about it? I didn’t quite understand what he wanted me to do about his problem; I just wanted to try and sleep. Soon another text rolled in.

“Come in to my room and cuddle with me?”

I smiled silly at my phone, and soon saw myself get out of the bed. I wrapped a hoodie around me, before I lay my phone back down and walked slowly out of the door. I entered the dark, and found myself walking slower holding my arms out to find the way to Harry’s door. I walked down the hall to his room and gently knocked on the door before I heard his husky voice allowing me to enter.

I opened the door and took off my hoodie before I lay down in his bed.


I cuddled up to him only wearing my usual t-shirt and thong.

“Hey love.”

He placed a kissed over my forehead as I made my way down under the quilt to soon feel his naked body against mine. I let out a gasp, because I was shocked that he wasn’t wearing anything at all. I felt the smile that appeared on Harry’s face as he giggled and made sure I was even closer to him. I placed my lips over his before I lay down on his chest with his arms wrapped around me.

“So you really did need the cuddle buddy?”

“No I needed you.”

He kissed my lips again and I felt my cheeks grow warm. He was such a sweetheart, and I knew that was why he could get every girl he wanted tangled around his little finger, just by a few words and a simple kiss. It was like he did something magical to me, as if he was using a spell the made me like him and tie my feelings to him, but I didn’t mind, because it was a good feeling and it filled my heart with joy, because I knew he wanted me as well.
It didn’t take either of us very long before we both dozed off really close to each other. I was cuddled up to him all night, and honestly it was the best night sleep I had had for years.


We were all stressing around in the afternoon. Everyone was getting ready for tonight and I couldn’t believe Harry had invited both Caitlin and I to be a part of this. The boys were performing at X-Factor tonight, and they were all really stressed.

“Has anyone seen my batman earpieces?”

Liam was shouting from the living room and I was running around in my room trying to find some clothes for Caitlin. I looked around my room and saw two black ear pieces with a little batman logo on them. Caitlin had probably taken them and played around with them the other day, when she had been running around.

“Liam they are in here.”

I picked up the ear pieces and told Caitlin to stay on the bed where she was sitting and waiting for me to help her in some clothes while I went into Liam’s room, which was almost falling about because of his stress. I handed him the ear pieces and then sent him a smile, but I didn’t get anything back. He just kept stressing himself around in the room.

Everyone was running around for another hour or two and just getting ready for the performance tonight.


We were standing behind the stage and the boys were about to go out and perform. I heard them being introduced and watched them from behind the stage. Caitlin wanted to go with them out on stage but I grabbed her arm just in time.

“But mummy!”

“No Caitlin, the boys are going out to sing for the people and you have to stay here with mummy till they are back. Come let’s go watch it on the TV over here.”

I lifted her up and walked to the screen. Everyone was staring at us as we sat down on a chair in front of the TV and watched the boys perform, but honestly I didn’t care anymore. They could stare all they wanted, because I wasn’t ashamed of having Caitlin as my daughter.

Some of the people at the show came up and spoke with me and I got pictures with everyone, just to make sure I would have proof if anyone questioned me when we got back home. Everyone was being really nice after a while and Caitlin ended up playing around with some young girl from the x-factor crew and I couldn’t help but smile as they were running around backstage.

I stared at Caitlin for a long time and didn’t really get what was going on, on the stage, but I knew I got really shocked when I got a kiss on the cheek and felt two strong arms wrap around me.


“Hey sweetheart.”

He laughed at me reaction, but I didn’t think it was funny at all. I slapped him gently at the back of his head but I soon regretted it as he pushed me against the wall teasing me.

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

“Oh really? What are you gonna do?”

He was staring into my eyes for a while, but nothing really happen, at least not in the beginning but soon his lips crashed over mine, and he turned into this wild animal that couldn’t get enough of what he was doing. I let out a moan in the back of my throat and that’s when it stopped and we both snapped back to reality.

“I knew it!”

Louis was standing right behind Harry and staring at us with the rest of the band.

“That’s why you weren’t in your room this morning when I was gonna wake you up! You were with Harry!”

“Louis I think everyone know by now thanks.”

“Well you did make it quite obvious!”

Zayn smirked at me and I just stuck my tongue out on him back, as Harry moved away from me, but I pulled him back close.


Caitlin voice filled the room and I pushed Harry away and picked her up as she came running towards me.

“Hey princess.”

“Look what I got from the nice lady!”

She showed me a lollipop and a sticker with the x-factor logo on it and I couldn’t help but smile.

“That’s so cool!”

I looked at her with huge eyes as she kept talking about the sticker. She was really proud of it.

I sat down with the guys and spoke for a long time, we spoke with the crew and contestants as well and just really enjoyed the time backstage, it was like nothing I had ever expected. Yet I couldn’t help but worry. I was really worried that people had caught pictures of Harry and I and would be posting them online. I just wanted a relationship I didn’t have to share with the world. 


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