the crimson dawns

what happens when you fall for someone who isnt good for you in all the right ways. thats what its like for Savannah she was an ordinarry girl who got had a accident with as boy in a fire. she was scared to go near another boy until Danile Dawson came along and changed everything ...


4. dreams

Savannah puzzled the thought; two boys standing by her side and she knew Joe wanted her but she wasn’t so sure about Daniel. They all stood there motionless for a while until Savannah spoke

“Thank you for a nice day Daniel I really like it….. and thank you for that erm nice comment Joe” she ignored the pig remarks being thrown at her as she trudged into her dorm room. What did he mean trying to remind her… remind her of what exactly? As she pondered the idea she slowly drifted off to sleep.

Running so hard her feet became blood shod and her body was fatigue. The crimson light shone behind and illuminated the path for her and her lover to run through, as they held hands and ran through the night there blonde and black hair swaying in the breeze. Suddenly dark figures rose from the ground and chased the girl into the woods and cornered her leaving the blonde lover behind. She screamed and kicked but her punches went straight through the shadows. Her lover watched on in the distance knowing even he couldn’t save her this time not without…..

Savannah sat up panting, beads of sweat beaming from her forehead. She had dreamt about the boy and girl again who looked exactly like her and Daniel but this time it was different, this time they were in danger and the girl was getting hurt; Daniel wasn’t helping her.

She slowly looked at her clocked and realised it was only 5:30am ‘oh well’ she thought it was best to get up anyway because there was no way she was going to be able to sleep after that dream. Savannah slipped on a pair of levi skinny jeans and a Beatles band tee with some white chuck Taylors, she then applied some foundation, concealer and some mascara. She looked at her clock and it read 6:30, this was a perfect time for her to leave. She got her bag and made her way down to the library so she could read until 8:00.

The library was thick with frost her breath caught in her throat it was that cold but it was the only quite place in the whole school since Savannah was the only one who ever entered it. The library always looked the same with its old tired grey walls and rugged blue carpet it never got any new books in and when it did they were so old they were falling to pieces and the words are all smudged. She always thought that the oldest books were the best books to read like the catcher in the rye or to kill a mockingbird. Savannahs personal favourite was Animal farm by George Orwell because it just was so hard to understand how someone could capture the Russian war and turn it into the most genius novel ever written by a man’s hand.

A tap on the shoulder interrupted her thoughts. As soon as she turned around she met the most beautiful pair of blue and crimson eyes she had ever seen “ Hi sorry about yesterday” Daniel said

“ what oh its fine it was great you didn’t do anything wrong”. Savannah furrowed her brows confused as to why he was apologising “ erm Daniel why are you apologising” he swept his hair out of his eyes and spoke “because It was a joke I don’t actually care for you, I was having some fun so sorry but stay away from me okay” and with that he walk off leaving Savannah venerable and alone.

Daniels P.O.V

I can’t believe I just did that I broke her heart, I broke my loves heart, the girl I have loved for centuries and centuries. Joe told me if I don’t he will tell …. Wait no I can’t think like that I know he wouldn’t but I don’t want her getting hurt again not this time, this time she will live past 17 and have a long life and a nice husband even if the husband isn’t me ill always love her I just can’t let her know because it will kill her again. I slowly made my way to my room and fell into my bed and went to sleep.

I caressed her long flowing hair which fell onto her left shoulder and glistened against the light perfectly. We sat here every day by the pond talking and kissing until the clock struck 10:00 and the stars came out. I would carve our name in the trees and we would make our vows to each other every day . “Will you marry me when you turn 18” I whispered into her ear making her hairs rise on her neck. “yes” she squealed and hugged me tight “I love you” she said “I love you too”. Then all went black.

I woke up panting I can’t believe I dreamt about the worst day. The day Savannah died.

The reason I can never say I love is because Im… well it’s just dangerous for people like me to get attached to things because once we do they are ours forever. The one thing you can’t do is fall in love and that’s exactly what I did.

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