the crimson dawns

what happens when you fall for someone who isnt good for you in all the right ways. thats what its like for Savannah she was an ordinarry girl who got had a accident with as boy in a fire. she was scared to go near another boy until Danile Dawson came along and changed everything ...


2. dream

Savannah stared out the window thinking all of Daniel and the dream she had about him last night. They had been sitting on the river bank hand in hand staring at the sunset, when suddenly his hand tilted her head to face him, he tucked a loose strand of hair back behind her ear and he kissed her gently. Their heart beat together acting as one and she could feel his breath on her cheek, she couldn’t help but shiver with pleasure. She opened her eyes and saw the crimson light surround them, it was so beautiful the way it shimmered out of his very soul and glistened against his skin. Suddenly her feet were no longer in contact with the floor and she could feel his grip tighten around her waist.

They were flying.


A ruler slammed on her table and a grey haired lady stood eyeing Savannah. Her hair lay on her shoulders and her narrow eyes stared into Savannah, she was a small lady an probably in her early 60’s but she didn’t look like the kind of teacher you would mess with.

“pay attention or get out” Savannah felt her cheeks burn red with embarrassment “yes Miss Colt”. Miss walked back to the desk and started talking about external factoids. Savannah was so busy thinking about Daniel that she hadn’t even noticed he was right next to her. She stared at his golden hair how it fell so perfectly. He looked even more beautiful today. He was wearing a grey top which showed the outline of is muscles, his trousers were baggy yet ever so sexy. She was mesmerised he was gorgeous everything about him made her blush. He turned his head in her direction and smiled so sweetly it almost seemed as if he completelyforgotabout their talk yesterday. “hey do you wanna hang out after school” he said with a soft voice that made Savannah smile “ ye sure” she sounded way to eager she didn’t want him to know that all she dreams about is him and all she sees is him.

He laughed sweetly “wait for me after this lesson , I want to show you something” he turned his head back to the front and left Savannah feeling warm and fuzzy. Where was he taking her, she couldn’t wait to find out. The lesson went by so slow it felt like hours had passed when the bell finally rang. Her palms felt damp and her stomach twisted and turned. She hadn’t realise how nervous she was until now.

Row by row the class left the classroom starting with Daniels row and ending with hers. She headed for the door, Daniel was watching her smiling his sweet smile that gave her butterfly’s every time she saw it. She forgot what she was doing and bumped straight someone. She had seen him around school he was tall with short brown hair which was perfectly wind swept and covered his left hazel eye. His name was Jokul but his friends called him Joe.“ hey sorry are you okay” he spoke, his voice was hard but it still made her blush. “I’m fine” and she was she hated having these awkward conversations but his hands were clenching her arms and she couldn’t loosen the grip. “good” he whispered “ because I couldn’t live with myself if I knew I had hurt such a pretty girl like you” Savannah cheeks burnt she felt the butterfly’s running back into her stomach and she liked it. There gazes connected and she felt as if they had been staring at each other forever when finally she heard a loud cough which broke there gaze. Daniel had been watching them the entire time, Joe loosened his grip and said “so you want to go do something” Savannah stared into Daniels eyes and melted she had only just met him yet for some reason she was drawn to him, there was no other person who could make her feel this way. “Sorry I have plans” she shook his grip and walked straight into Daniels arms. As they walked away she watched as Daniel turned to Joe and mimed something she couldn’t make out, but she didn’t care she was with Daniel now that’s all she cared about.



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