the crimson dawns

what happens when you fall for someone who isnt good for you in all the right ways. thats what its like for Savannah she was an ordinarry girl who got had a accident with as boy in a fire. she was scared to go near another boy until Danile Dawson came along and changed everything ...


3. disney scene

The path started to get rocky and Savannah found it hard not to stumble. They had been walking for at least 20 minutes and Daniel refused to tell her where they were going because he said he wanted it to be a surprise.

Savannah was still a little shocked about this whole situation, only yesterday Daniel had left her standing foolishly alone in the library, now his hand was intertwined with hers. Even though she couldn’t  see him because he insisted she wear a blindfold so she couldn’t see the route they were taking, she thought to herself that he probably looked mesmerising with sweat glistening of his abs and his brow slightly creased with concentration. How she wishes she could just rip his clothes of but then she realised that she was only 17 and if she did rip his clothes of he would probably call the police and she would be arrested for attempted rape. She laughed because of over exaggeration and kept walking for another 5 minutes and then they suddenly stopped. The sweet smell of lilies filled her nostril and she shivered in pleasure. Lilies were her favourite, every time she smelt the intoxicating aroma it reminded her of her childhood and how her and her mother would go to the nearest meadow and lay the in the field of lilies all day long. How she wished she could have stayed there forever but all good things had to end. Right?

Finally he took off her blindfold and came and put his lips to her ears and whispered “I’m guessing you like lilies right? And also…” he turned her around and there lay a crimson blanket with all my favourite foods on it. There was crème cheese and cracked pepper bread with chocolate spread and cookie cupcakes and dandelion and burdock drink. Wow how on earth did he know this was her favourite, it was strange but she just shrugged it off and sat down while Daniel went off somewhere looking for something?

SheI stared at the scenery , it was beautiful there was a waterfall which cut across the swamp and flowed through the river, the water glistened and reflected the sun rays. There was a duck paddling in the river whilst a frog leaped from Lilly pad to another.  She was in awe of where she was  ,it was like something from a Disney film; it was breath-taking.

Daniel came back with a huge grin plastered across his face, as he slowly made his way over to the blanket she stared at him; trying hard to focus on his features when suddenly she felt a jolt of pain coarse through her veins and she swore she just had de ja vu but she couldn’t have because she had never been with Daniel on her own before because this is the second time she’s been with him. Right? 

As Daniel sat down next to her a cold breeze hit her hard and she shivered. Daniel noticed and handed her his jacket which she happily accepted. They talked about anything and everything and ate the food whilst just enjoying each other’s company.  The food was all gone and they sat there in a comfortably silence when he suddenly broke it by saying “I’ve missed hanging out with you, I really have”. What! Was all she could think of her body froze . What was he talking about. “Excuse me but what I’ve never hung out with you before today” she was confused what did he mean?

Daniel started to get uncomfortable and suddenly jumped up and shrugged “ignore me I didn’t mean it I meant I feel like I’ve known you forever” he said nervously scratching his neck.

“Okay then” Savannah said whilst laughing. “ I think it’s time to get back” Daniel said whilst picking up his things.

(Time skip)

When they got back to school that boy Joe was waiting outside Savannahs dorm room which was weird. “hey he said” he scooped her body into his arms and held her tight. Once she finally was released from his grip she turned and saw Daniel with steam nearly coming from his ears.

“Joe I told you not to do this I’m trying so hard here to remind her of you know what and you’re not helping” he whispered but she still heard. “hey what do you mean”

“Nothing I promise” said Joe in a seductive voice. Suddenly Joe got to close for comfort and leaned his lips close to hers and said “baby I can make you feel so good why don’t you ditch this chalk and be mine”

She was speechless she couldn’t believe she had two boys who wanted her. Who would she pick and why did she need to pick. Did she really want either of them?


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