the crimson dawns

what happens when you fall for someone who isnt good for you in all the right ways. thats what its like for Savannah she was an ordinarry girl who got had a accident with as boy in a fire. she was scared to go near another boy until Danile Dawson came along and changed everything ...


1. alone

Her long black hair fell gracefully to the floor in such a way that brought a stream of tears tofall from her blue eyes. She had never once cut her hair and didn’t want to start now but what she could do all her hair had been burnt and singed in the fire. She hated thinking of that night at the start, everything all seemed perfect, the waves lapping over her and Tyler’s feet that sent a shot of pleasure through Savannah’s body, the way his hand rested perfectly on her hip and her neck slid into his shoulder like it was meant to rest there, however something didn’t seem right his eyes were engulfed with fire ,his hair was auburn but it looked like it was alight with red a luminescent blaze which made her feel queasy every time she looked at it. His hands were burning hot, whenever they enlaced with her own she felt the heat shoot through her body and made her scream inside.It was too painful even think about what happened next, the way his eyes bore into hers like he had some sinister idea, which was about to unravel. An excruciating scream came from his soul and a bright blaze came shooting from his body. All she could feel was her skin crusting over and scabbing into blisters from the heat. He looked like he wanted her dead. But why?. Before she could scream she felt a hand cover her mouth and drag her away, she felt a warm feeling shoot through her body and she couldn’t breathe. All she could see was a crimson blaze of light surround her, but all she could think about was what was dragging her away from hell. The hand loosed from her mouth and the figure lay her down on a rusted chair which lay stranded on the opposite side of the beach, the figure stood staring down at her for a moment and Savannah saw his blond hair peek through his ski mask, before Savannah could speak the figure disappeared back into the direction they just came. She was left breathless and confused what was wrong with Tyler, how could she of let him take advantage of her. A gurgling scream came from where Savannah had once been the sound imbedded in her head and she couldn’t help think what was happening. She focused and she thought she saw a hint of crimson shining high in the sky then suddenly all went black.

Savannah snapped back to reality, she took hold of the mirror and put a hand through her short black her, she felt uneasy about having short hair, her hair was all she had that actually belonged to her ever since her parents had sent her to a stuck up boarding school in California. She hated it here in piston academy even more now after what happened with Tyler the boy in the fire. She thought hard about him about why he wanted her dead and about why and how he died. She was new here and Tyler took advantage of her used her made her feel special when all he wanted from her was what?



She picked herself up from her bed and gathered all her hair from the floor and blankly stared at the clump of demolished hair lying lifeless in her soft snow white skin.


She couldn’t bare the silence in her empty room anymore she ran out the door and sped down the vast corridor and into the only place she felt safe, The library.  She pushed open the solid wooden doors and walked inside.  Normally she was the only one in here but there was someone else. A boy with short dazzling blond hair which shone like the sun as it entered the morning sky, the way his hair sat perfectly across his face made Savannah feel weak. His tall muscular body was arched forward as he was drawing something or someone. Savannah tried to get a glimpse of it, he was drawing a girls neck. For a second Savannah thought that he was drawing her neck but he couldn’t possibly they had never met before. She studied his hands as they glided swiftly across paper shading in the girls collarbone. She forgot where she was for a second but for some strange reason she couldn’t take her eyes of him she was mesmerised. “ Excuse me can I help you” the boy said his voice was bitter sweet. Savannah snapped back and saw the annoyed look on his face as if she had ripped his drawing in half.

“sorry” Savannah croaked she felt so embarrassed staring at him, she didn’t want him to think she was weird. The boy got up from his chair, he was wearing a blue vest with a black jacket slung on his shoulders, and his trousers were grey with a creased bottom. He was breath-taking.  He strode towards her, he had a glimpse of crimson in his eye and she thought back to the night on the beach, the hand that was securely placed on the tip of her mouth and the crimson light with engulfed her every sight.  He had the same glint of light in his eye. But it couldn’t of been him he had never met her before.

“Don’t apologise, My names Daniel Dawson” he extended a hand which Savannah eagerly took. His hand was warm and she felt her cheeks flush red, her heart was racing. She was touching him and she enjoyed it, she soaked in every second. The suddenly she remembered the hand which rested on her lips the warm soft hand which made her cheeks flood red. Every time she thought about the strange creature who dragged her away she thought of him and his warm strong hand and his crimson light.

“I’m Savannah Halt” Savannah felt nervous she didn’t know where this would go.  “ hey Savannah so um your new here right” he suddenly looked nervous as he noticed her staring at his drawing, he took it and shoved it in his black backpack. “You’re really good at drawing” he looked like he wanted to leave he kept eyeing the door as if in any second he would bolt away without another word. Finally he spoke “um ye thanks”

“who were you drawing” as soon as she spoke she wished she could take it back because his face hardened and turn into a scowl “wow I don’t even know you why does it matter to you anyway” his voice was nearly as cold as her body she couldn’t help shiver as she whispered “I didn’t mean to offend you I just..”

“Ye well you have” . He grabbed his bag and slung it across his back. “Excuse me” he said in a harsh tone as he pushes past her. Their shoulders touched and she felt a spark ignite between the two of them, she knew he felt it too because as soon as they touched he turned around for a second and his face almost looked as if he was about to cry. He shook the expression away and marched firmly out the door and left Savannah feeling empty and alone.

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