The Unexpected

I never really thought I would end up going on an adventure and meeting new friends. I guess I was lucky. Looking back, I see how much my life has changed since.

It all started one day . . . I was walking to school, as usual, and then BAM!


2. The Fairy

I was on my way  to school that morning. As if nothing strange was going to happen. I live on an island called Fairisle. Pronounced - Fair, Isle. But squished together to make one word. I dream that one day I will go to America and have an adventure. 

Anyway. You may want to know more about me? Yes? No? Anyway, your just gonna have to listen to me mumble on about myself. Don't skim read this! It's crucial to the story. Very. So here goes: 

I have long, curly black hair, pointy ears (no I am not an elf, part elf to be exact) and gold eyes. I look like any old elf, but with more human characteristics. My Dad went to live in America for a bit and met my Mom. Then they moved back here before I was born. Shame, it would be nice to be American. 

I am fifteen and a half years old, young for an elf as us elves can live to over a thousand years. I won't live as long because I am half elf but the last half elf lived to nine-hundred. I could live longer, I hope. 

So, I'm guessing you read the prologue. No? Ha, cheeky, reading the prologue now, aren't you? Good. 

. . . 

So, this is what happens next: 

"Hello, come with me. You will be perfectly safe." A sweet innocent voice whispered into my ear. "All will be explained later. I promise." Then poof! I was in a room. It was empty. Almost box like if it wasn't for the slanting walls. The walls were a shade of murky brown, hasn't anyone heard of yellow? Or blue? I suppose not. 

"So . . ." I murmured. My voice trailing off. Then out of nowhere, a fairy was standing in front of me. Am I dead? 

"Hello, my name is Aisha. I will explain everything." Aisha informed me. It was the sweet innocent voice that whispered into my ear. Aisha had bright blue wings, light blue butterflies would flutter out of them as they flapped, only to disappear when hitting the walls (the butterflies, not her wings). Her dress was long and flowed to the floor, it was a range of blues and greens and purples. Her hair was blue black and was pixie like. Her face was sweet and pure. Her bright blue eyes stood out the most. They were like light bulbs. 

"Go on then." I muttered, slightly annoyed that I was missing my magic class.  

"You're here because an evil dark force wants to kidnap all the elves, us fairies are collecting a group of half elves to stop the dark force from taking over Fairisle."

"Why half elves?" I asked, interrupting her.

"I was getting there, because they have a power that elves don't. They can stop the dark force." She explained. Rolling her light bulb eyes at my rudeness. 

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