Now That you are Here

SEQUAL TO Finally Got the Girl.....
This story is about how Niall and Nikki are adjusting to the new babies (Carter, Colin, Elle, Riley, and Brooklyn.). What happens when Nikki gets contacted by her parents? They tell her what really happend the day she left, but will she believe them? What do her parents suddenly want from her? Fame? Fortune? Or ar they genuine? Read to find out!


10. Show Time

*Nicole's POV*

The concert was the same as ever. It was really good and I loved their new album. A stage manager told me that it was almost time for the kids to go on stage. I suddenly got really nervous for them. I helped Carter put his guitar around himself and the stage helpers attached microphones to their shirts and handed them hand microphones too. They also placed the little things in their ears so they could hear the music through the screamin.

"Now for our final song of the night," I heard Niall say "a few friends of ours are going to help us."

"It's there first concerts so lets give a very warm welcome to Riley, Elle, Brookly, Colin, and Carter!" Louis yelled as the kids ran on stage. The crowd yelled really loud an the music started. They sang One Thing. Their little voices blended perfectly with the boys' deep ones. They were actually quite good. All the kids were singing, even Elle. Riley, Liam, and Louis had began to do 'the Joe' and Carter was rocking out on the guitar. He was really good at it espesially for a three year old. The song ended and the crowd was in full on screams. A few of them were even in tears. The boys and the kids said their goodbyes and came outside. Their little faces were pink and they had on huge grins.

"So? What did you think?" I asked them

"Lets do it again!" Elle screamed. This surprised me since she was usually so quiet.

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