Now That you are Here

SEQUAL TO Finally Got the Girl.....
This story is about how Niall and Nikki are adjusting to the new babies (Carter, Colin, Elle, Riley, and Brooklyn.). What happens when Nikki gets contacted by her parents? They tell her what really happend the day she left, but will she believe them? What do her parents suddenly want from her? Fame? Fortune? Or ar they genuine? Read to find out!


12. Randsom Note

*Nicole's POV*

I was on the first flight I could get back home to london. The second the plane landed I was out of my seat in a mad dash for home. I was in tears. The paps took pictures of me crying and aske me questions likr 'Are you and Niall getting a divore?'. Its kind of sad that that is what they thought of. My issue is much, much worse.

*????'s POV*

We got them. All five. That stupid teacher didn't evn listen when the kids tried to tell her they didnt know me. It was so easy to pack them in the van and drive away. They wouldn't stop screaming so my husband, Bill, put tape on their mouths, tied their hands together, and blindfolded them. It was amazing how much they looked like Nicole. One of the girls even had my dark brown eyes. We pulled ito the driveway, dragged them inside the house, and locked them in the basemant. What do we do now?

*Niall's POV*

Nicole rushed into the house with a note in her hand.

"Niall!" she screamed running into my arms and putting her head in my chest.

"Look at this." she said handing me the note.

It read. 'I am sure by know you realize we have got them. Your five precious children. Whould you really do anything to get them back? Well, it's time to find out. Meet us at the local Nando's at 2:00am with 500,000 euros. No police or we won't show and you will never see them again.' I put the note down. This just wan't a note. It was a randsom note!



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