Now That you are Here

SEQUAL TO Finally Got the Girl.....
This story is about how Niall and Nikki are adjusting to the new babies (Carter, Colin, Elle, Riley, and Brooklyn.). What happens when Nikki gets contacted by her parents? They tell her what really happend the day she left, but will she believe them? What do her parents suddenly want from her? Fame? Fortune? Or ar they genuine? Read to find out!


6. Plan

*Niall's POV*

I knew the kids were going to be devistated the moment they found out. I was really not looking forward to telling them but I had to at some point. It was the end of dinner and we were having desert.

"Daddy and your Uncles have an announcement." Nicole said to the kids

"We are going on tour!" Isaid trying to make it sound like a postitive thing for them

"Are we going too Daddy?" Carter asked

"No you and your sibblings have to stay here with your mommy." I said and they all frowned

"Your aunie Eleanor, Dani, Perri, Taylor Addy, and Steph will visit very often. I promise." Liam added trying to cheer them up. It didn't work.

"You're leaving us Daddy?" Elle asked now in tears

"Only for a little while" I said trying to make it sound better. But I could tell nothing was going to make it better. Then, I thought of it. I had an idea to cheer them up but I had to run it by the lads first.  "Lads? Can I talk to you for a moment." They agreed and followed me into the living room.

"You have an idea don't you mate?" Liam asked

I nodded and said "My idea is to have them flown in for the last concert befor the break of each set and have them prefrom a song with us. Now before you say no, hear me out. The fans would love to see them, the kids would love it, and it would make their father very happy." I put on my best pout and gave them myy puppy dog eyes.

The boys looked at eachother and then Louis shouted "Why not!? Sounds fun!" I was so happy I did one of my kangaroo jumps into the air. The boys and I went back into the dininng room and sat down.

"So" I said "The boys and I have come up with an idea. How would you guys and your mother like to come to the last concert of each set so you kids can preform a song with us?" I watched their faces light up.

"Really Daddy?" Riley asked excitedly

"As long as it's okay with your mother." I said looking at Nicole

"Can we Mommy?" Brooklyn asked "Please?"

"Of course." Nicole said and the kids squealed with delight.

"Daddy?" Carter asked "Can I play the guitar if I practice more?"

"What ever you guys wabt to do is fine by me." I said

"I am going to sing!" Brooklyn declared proudly

"I want to dance." Riley declared standing up and doing 'the Joe'. We all laughed at the sight.

"What are you guys going to do?" Nicole aske Colin and Elle

"I want to sing like Daddy" Colin said shyly

"That would be awesome buddy" I said and a big grin crept across his face. Elle sat there stroking her chin just like Nicole did when she was thinking.

"What are you think Elle?" Zayn asked

"I don't know what I am going to do." Elle said sadly "I don't like singing or dancing."

"You could play an instrument" I suggested but she shook her head

"Could I just stay backstage?" she asked

"That's no fun" Nicole said "You can just go out there and decide what you want to do in the moment." Elle agreed. It was all settled then.

"Sounds like a plan." Liam said. "I'll call Simon."



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