Now That you are Here

SEQUAL TO Finally Got the Girl.....
This story is about how Niall and Nikki are adjusting to the new babies (Carter, Colin, Elle, Riley, and Brooklyn.). What happens when Nikki gets contacted by her parents? They tell her what really happend the day she left, but will she believe them? What do her parents suddenly want from her? Fame? Fortune? Or ar they genuine? Read to find out!


11. Missing

*Nicole's POV*

We were in the limo on the way back to the hotel for bed time when my phone buzzed. I had a text. It read 'Nice preformance by your kids. Be careful somebody doesn't snach them up. -Mr. X' I became a little scared and worried and it must have shown on my face because my phone buzzed again but this time with a text from Niall. It read 'Everything okay love? You look like you are going to be sick.'. I responded 'Tell you when the kids are in bed'. And that's what I did.

"Did you respond?" he asked

"No not yet. Should I?" I asked him

"Just ask who it is." he siad. I pulled out my phone and typed 'Who is this?'. My text was quickly replied to.I glanced down at the words 'Your worst nightmare.' and I felt my stomach churn. I showed the message to Niall and I began to cry. He wrapped his arms around me and I cried into his chest. I was scared. Very scared.

*Niall's POV*

My tour was finally over but I was only homw for three days before Nikki had to go off on her tour. The kids were five and had started preschool now so they were a lot easier to handle. Niether Nikki or I had heard anything from Mr. X since that last night so we figured it was just some sick twisted prank. I was sitting on the couch watching football when Louis called.

Phone Conversation:

Niall: Hey Lou . What's up?

Louis: I am here at the preschool. Did you already pick them up?

Niall: No. It's your turn why would I have picked them up?

Louis: Well they are not here so I thought-

Niall: Wait! What do you mean they aren't there?

Louis: Calm down. Let me just talk to the teacher and I will call you back.

Niall: Okay

Call Ended

*Louis's POV*

"Excuse me." I said to the teacher

"Yes, how may I help you?" the teacher replied nicely

"Sorry to bother you but I am looking for my neices and nephews Riley, Elle, Brooklyn, Colin, and Carter so I can bring them home." the teacher gave me a strange look.

"The Horan kids got picked up a few hours ago by their grandfather." she said

"Are you sure?" I asked

"Yup, sorry." she said. What did she mean they got picked up by their grandfather? I had a bad feeling about this. I picked up the phone and called Niall.

Phone Conversation

Niall: Louis! Did you find them?

Louis: The teacher said they were picked up hours ago by their grandfather.

Niall: Something is wrong. Very wrong. Louis call everyone you can think of and get over here ASAP!

Call Ended

*Nicole's POV*

I was about to start an interview when my phone rang.

"Sorry." I told the interviewer "It's Niall, do you mind if I take this?" the interviewer shook her head and I walked into the other room and answered the phone.

Phone Conversation

Nicole: Niall this isnt a good time I have an interview. (I heard crying but it wasn't the kids' it was Niall's.)

Niall: The kids are missing!

Nicole: What do you  mean missing?!

Niall: A man picked them up from school hours ago saying he was their grandfather and nobody has seen them or heard from them since!


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