The only day your loved

The only day you realise you are nothing but something


1. different meaning of love

Rain, stones, ice thats all your limp body feels whilst making your way through the dead streets. You will never head back ever.

you are too unloved, nobaody will know your missing

You run over thoughts that make your feet hurt and stumble into a bush of lies, in the bush lays  a a card with your name neatly scribbled on the front. you grab and open quickly and it read

Dear delilah

i grabbed your bruised wrists and slapped them hard

the clang of the bones made me ache

your face made me weep

the crack of your heart made me die

the cards splayed lazily all over the kitchen table, whilst your cake was against our cream walls made, this me realise

i love you

your laugh

your smile

your beauty

my violence

my agression

my insecurity makes me love you

makes me beat you, come to me and let me hold you and let me love you.

the a,ks are set aside and the knives are in the draw for today i will not cut you i will love you, for today on your birthday.

The knives are shined, they glisten like my heart does for you. they cant stay away forever my dear.

i love you forever and always

your owner Dadxxx

the knives are shined ready to cut

the guns loaded waiting for a target

your standing right there and on your birthday you get a special treatment

you get to live

for one day only because you are loved

I lay there , just lay there in the bush of lies ,

sweat sweet as nectar and as bitter as life

he will find me and show me he loves me

i lay there and let the water run down my cheek until a figure hoverd over me







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