Love that never ends

Wen Alyssa moves to london she doesen't expect meeting Harry Styles from one direction.And she doesen't expect to fall in love with him and become ms.styles :) BTW it's my first fanfic so be nice and if there are some mistakes don't get mad i'm only human.


5. ill take him back

Alyssa's P.O.V

I cant believe he did that after a day of being a couple i said to myself while crying. I looked around my room was empty well i dind't really have time to actually move in . How could he i screamend while pounding my face on the bed while crying my eyes out. After a minute or a few i said to myself get over him he hurted you get on with your life . And i did i went on my laptop searching for a job something easy not to far away and that pays you goog cash. After a lot of searching i finally found one it was close so  i could walk it was a cafe. I was happy i found this job it will help me get over harry.I went to bed sins i needed to calm my self down and a nap will work out just fine. Cause i won't let these little things slip out of my mouth i heard somoene sing i checked my phone to see if it was playing. But it was fully off i looked out my window and i saw harry singing little things. I ran down stairs crying . And open the door and went outside. Who do you think you are ? i said screaming on top of my lungs . Harry styles he joked . No i'm seriues i screamend . Wat's wrong calm down Alyssa. You think you can kome over and evreything is gonna be good well if you did you were wrong. I hate you harry styles i screamd while tears were flowing down my cheeks i ran back inside and harry followed me.

Harry's P.O.V

I can't believe she said she hated me those were the words i never thought would come out of her mouth . i quickly followed her inside. Alyssa wait she ran in her room and loked me out . Look Alyssa i only said tthat so louis will get off my chest . we always get in to fights wen i get a new girlfriend he's afraid that i will only spend time with you and not with .

Alyssa's P.O.V

I don't want to loose you you are so speciale to me youre perfect i never felt this way about a girl before i heard him say while his voice was craking i knew he was crying. So i sneaked outside and gave him a great big hug. I love you harry i said . i love you to he said quick .Im sorry i said i should have talk to you before i got mad at you i'm sory i said.It's oke he said with a smile i was afraid of loosing you he said while tears were streaming down his face. I gently wiped them away . Before i knew it he smacked his lips on my lips and he kissed me and i kissed him back it was amzing . So do you take me back he asked . Yes i do how can i say no to that face . O you he said and picked me up bridal style and we calpsed on the green gras . Look i said  pointhing to the cloud that looks like a heart. You know wat that means he said while grabbing my hand and holding it thight . No i said .It means it's faith telling us we are men't for each other he smiled while kissing me on the cheek.

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