Love that never ends

Wen Alyssa moves to london she doesen't expect meeting Harry Styles from one direction.And she doesen't expect to fall in love with him and become ms.styles :) BTW it's my first fanfic so be nice and if there are some mistakes don't get mad i'm only human.


4. evreything changed

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up  from the bright sun shining in my face.So i wanted to make alyssa an amzing breakfast since she is such a speciale part of my life now. i decided to go on my phone and tweet sins i haven't tweeted in a while.LONG TIME NO TWEET EVER SINS MY LAST TWEET ALOT HAD CHANGE I AM NOW DATHING A GIRL AND LOTS MORE I WILL SEND YOU GUYS A PICTURE OF HERE SOON - HARRY STYLES i tweeted .Hope evrey ones gonna love alyssa as much as i love her . i stared making breakfast . Hmmm wat should i make for my speciale girl.I know i will make her panckes and baking with eggs i guess ill start with baking i said with a smile . and i stared singing little things .

Loui's P.O.V

Hey mate i said with a big smile while going in the kitchen making your world famous breakfast i joked. Is only that for all of us cause you know niall.No this is for me and alyssa harry said . Sins wen was a girl you met more valeubel then your own band mates i schreamed om top of my lungs . Look she is not some girl she is my girlfriend harry said angry . Ooo so wen did this happen . Last night harry said quickly.

alyssa's P.O.V

That fight woke me up. Harry look i understand how inported she is to you but you cant just replace her with us i heard louis scream.You know wat i am gonna tell alyssa it's over and evrey thing will be back to normal harry said loud.How could you  i screamend and ran outside back to my apartment in thears.No alyssa wait i heard harry scream.

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