Love that never ends

Wen Alyssa moves to london she doesen't expect meeting Harry Styles from one direction.And she doesen't expect to fall in love with him and become ms.styles :) BTW it's my first fanfic so be nice and if there are some mistakes don't get mad i'm only human.


2. cheese cake !


Alyssa's P.O.V

So i got dressed put some makeup on and fixed my hair. I went down to the apartment were the boys were waithing for me they all were nicely dress. Am i late i said with a guilty smile .No just on time niall said . Oke let,s go liam shouted.We drove to the restaurant .And i looked outside it was huge it was so fancy .We walked in and zayn said  tabel for six.Oke follow me.Here you he showed us this really comfertable booth we all slide in .He gave us all our menu's i opened it up and starded reading it all .There are so many thins evrething from salads to steak . SO wat can i get you the weither said . Ummmm..... i will have hmmm ..... the steak with french fries and salad and sprite.Oke will all take the same louis said .Wen the weither brought our food we stared to eat off courseniall was the first to dig in and finish . Oke are we ready to head home lads louis said . Yep evreyone nodded . Oke let's hit the road i yelled . that was the greatest dinner i ever had . Lets go harry said and we walked out the restaurant holding hands.

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