Love that never ends

Wen Alyssa moves to london she doesen't expect meeting Harry Styles from one direction.And she doesen't expect to fall in love with him and become ms.styles :) BTW it's my first fanfic so be nice and if there are some mistakes don't get mad i'm only human.


6. Adrianna is coming to town

Alyssa's P.O.V

Beep Beep '' i heard my phone beep'' i quickly checked.It was text message fom adrianna.''Wat's wrong'' harry asked''.'' No nothing it's just a text from a friend and she is comening to visit'' i said .

''Oke so wat's wrong'' harry said .'' well she can't no that i'm dathing harry styles'' i said.''Why not '' harry asked.''Well for one thing evrey thing you tell her she tells somoene else'i said'. ''O i get wat you mean then it will turn in to a huge mess ''  harry said  ''yup'' i said quickly. '' So we have to keep this all a secret we can't even tell the boys'' i said  '' no we can't'' harry said . ''This are little scret we can't tell anyone and i trust you with it'' while gently kissing me on the lips. '' oke i will keep ur secret styles '' . And me and harry stared laughing till we fell on the ground. He was a gonna kiss me until he saw louis . '' Harry Alyssa wat's going on '' he asked curius. '' Nothing i forgive him about wat he has done and now were friends'' i said.'' Just friends nothing else'' louis said . '' yup'' harry said quickly . ''Oke '' louis said while waking away. '' So tell me more about your friend'' harry asked. '' Well she is comening to london for a week and she is staying in my apartment she can be really annoying wen it comes to secret cause she wants to know evreything about evreyone i might end up not seeing you for a week '' i said. '' A week but thats to long '' he said and smaked his lips on mine. '' Wen will she be ariving '' harry asked. ''Tomorrow '' i said . ''we wont have enough time to spent with eachother '' harry said . '' I know '' i said quickly. ''We can have a sleepover '' protessed . '' That's a great idea i go get my stuff and meet you at the apartment'' i said full of joy . '' oke meet you there '' harry said.


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