Mother Nature's Revenge

In a world where supernatural things happened and superstitious creations existed, we existed too.
Mother Nature had created us to preserve the world, but we weren't satisfied with it.


1. Prologue

The world were in ruins. Mother Nature had taken her revenge on humanity, after we had crushed her beautiful creation. It was everything that everyone had predicted, but not prepared for, and it weren't as devastating as predicted.

The ground beneath our feet began separating, the water in our seas began rising, animals in our wildlife parks began rampaging and escaped, volcanos that our relatives admired and researched began exploding, wind, rain, hail and drought cursed our weather, as our temperatures went from terribly hot to horribly cold.

This was a lesson, not a holocaust. We had destroyed nature – now nature had destroyed us.

She were so angry at us, at humanity. She had created us so that we could preserve the world and frolic around with our new found happiness in the life she had given us. But we had been selfish, ungrateful. We ARE selfish and ungrateful. We began creating, building and inventing. At first it were all harmless, we used some stone and very few trees, and Mother Nature just shrugged and created more trees and gave us more rock. But unfortunately, we were a bit too intelligent, and we kept on building and inventing. Suddenly this paradise of colours and peaceful life were replaced by grey and wars. Cities were build, roads were constructed.

She quickly saw that we were getting out of hand, so she gave us the plague, she gave us cancer, she gave us std's.

She did her best to make us realize what had happened to us and how we had evolved into something that should never have been created at all. She punished us. But we found cures, we found ways to avoid her punishment.

But she still believed in us, we were her greatest creation, and couldn't get herself to just kill us.

We had destroyed nature – now nature had destroyed us.

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