Mother Nature's Revenge

In a world where supernatural things happened and superstitious creations existed, we existed too.
Mother Nature had created us to preserve the world, but we weren't satisfied with it.


6. Chapter 5 - A family

Hours had passed by since Carla had passed away. It would be around 10 or 11 AM., but no one's watch worked.

Melanie had dropped her shoes, folded her pants up high, and walked out into the water, as it threw wave upon wave at her legs.

Charles were still crying.

“What are you doing, Princess?” Jasper asked as he approached her by the water, though not stepping into it himself.

“Trying to wash away my worries...” she lowly replied and didn't turn around to face him, but just kept walking in circles.

“I get the feeling it ain't working?” He sat down and followed her a bit with his eyes, before looking at the horizon, where a long bridge crossing the water once would stand, but now followed the ground of the ocean.

Melanie sighed.

“No.” She said in a short and non-talkative manner, before walking deeper into the water.

Jasper quickly got the hint and left, though he did look over his shoulder and at her, as he did so.

Elias sat down with Nadine in his arms. She hadn't cried since her mother's death. He had found a larger puddle with clean water after the sea had tried to overthrow the land, where he sat down to wash the blood off of the little child. The water weren't exactly the warmest, but nor was it cold.

He tore a larger piece off of his shirt, which he barely wore any more, and dipped it in the water.

Nadine was a beautiful child, though she seemed rather big for her age, as if she had already aged a few months. It was strange, but after what just happened a few hours ago, he decided not to question it.

“You're a beautiful wonder, little Nadine.” He said and smiled.

Roseanne lit another cigarette and sat down next to the older lady Mary, whom petted her dog. Despite being a lawyer, she weren't that good at socially connecting with older people, as she hated how they'd just keep on talking about their grandchildren and what not.

“So... Mary,” she did her best but it easily came out rather unpleasant, and you could really hear how awkward she felt.

“Do you have any family? I mean taken that they survived this, of course.” That had to be the worst thing ever to ask at a time like this, and Roseanne cursed herself for it.

“I have grandchildren, yes. My son and daughter both died in a car accident some years ago. So their sons and daughters went into adoption, as I was the only living family member left, but I'm obviously in no state to take care of a bunch of children... But we do get to see each other, whenever they want to.” She smiled at their loving memory.

“What about you, Roseanne? Do you have any family?” Her voice was rough as she raised her head to catch Roseanne take a deep pull on the cigarette.

The lawyer stood silent for a moment to collect her thoughts, taking too long drags on the cigarette as she was regretting the choice of subject.

“No.” She answered short.

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