Mother Nature's Revenge

In a world where supernatural things happened and superstitious creations existed, we existed too.
Mother Nature had created us to preserve the world, but we weren't satisfied with it.


5. Chapter 4 - A life and A death

Melanie ran towards the cries of a baby.

Jasper stood back and smoked his cigarette, looking at how everyone stormed to see the newborn.

And there was a moment of joy. A moment with hope, that could be matched with the hope the sun brought. Everyone smiled, they couldn't help it – no matter how bloody it was, the beautiful baby girl and her healthy screams seemed to redeem the red that she were bathed in. A proud father held the child towards the mother, so that she too could see their creation.

“She's beautiful” Carla said with tears in her eyes, and felt the child’s hand.

“What's her name?” Elias asked and smiled, wiping off the sweat on his forehead and cleaned his hands in a piece of cloth torn from his shirt.

“Nadine...” the mother whispered and looked up at the father, whom said: “Hope” and they smiled at each other, exchanging a kiss.

Everyone agreed that the name was fitting.

But then something peculiar happened. The sky was clear from any clouds, yet they could hear the roaring sound of thunder, and a warm wind blew over them, before turning cold, and everyone could see their own breaths.

Everyone just froze, staying still to see what would happen. Even the baby stopped it's crying.

“To make way for a new life, another must leave.” A voice said, a female voice, it echoed between them.

Everyone were speechless. The corgi, Charles, began barking loudly at something, as that something pushed Roseanne and Alexander away from each other. Everyone felt the presence of something supernatural, it had a warm feeling to it.

Suddenly, Nadine opened up her eyes, with a green iris and a white circle around her pupil. She reached out into the air with her small hand, and it looked like she grabbed something. And then she smiled.

No one had said anything yet, they all just glared at the baby as it let go of whatever it was holding, and the presence walked towards Carla that laid down on some cloth's.

“Who are you?” She asked, as she could suddenly see a bright silhouette, as the presence touched her.

It didn't answer her.

“What do you want?” Carla kept asking it questions. “Why are you here?”

Everyone around her began sending each other looks, all wondering the same thing: “What's going on?”

Suddenly Carla gave a very, inhumanely loud gasp, and her torso rose a bit from the ground. Her body began glowing in a bright, golden colour and her hair began floating in the air along with her clothes.

And just as sudden, it all stopped and her body landed with a too heavy bump.

Everything went back to normal; the presence disappeared, the cold went away, yet everyone remained silent.


“Carla?” Charles said, handing the child to Elias, and grabbed his wife’s hand.

“Carla?!” He repeated as he got no answer, now in a louder tone. He repeated himself again and again, louder and louder, but still got no answer.

They all knew what had happened.

At some point, Jasper had walked up to them and now stood next to Melanie. Everyone just kept quiet, except for Alexander that cried, Charles too. Even Nadine were quiet as Elias rocked her in his arms.

“We should... leave them...” Roseanne said and they all nodded.

“Come Alexander, let's give him some space” she said and took the child’s hand, as he squeezed it hard.

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