Mother Nature's Revenge

In a world where supernatural things happened and superstitious creations existed, we existed too.
Mother Nature had created us to preserve the world, but we weren't satisfied with it.


4. Chapter 3 - A cigarette

They approached the stairs slowly, holding a hand up to cover from the sharp and fulfilling sunlight as they left the basement. They all either cried at the destruction or smiled at the beautiful light of hope.

Elias and Charles helped Carla up the stairs, as she could barely stand any more and sat down on a chair that had barely survived.

Everyone were so emotional, even Melanie, and she didn't even understand why. Alexander had just about stopped crying, as he dried his last tears, he walked towards the giant gap in the ground, and took slower steps the closer to the edge he got. He crouched near the edge and looked down into the endless pit.

He heard someone step up next to him, but he didn't look, and just kept gazing down into the canyon.

“That's a far way down, huh?” Brick said and looked down too. He felt his legs shake a bit, but just cleared his throat and grabbed a piece of cement that had gotten loose, and dropped down into the canyon. They never heard it hit the ground.

Painful noises came from Carla, as she suddenly began complaining loudly and her face turned red and it was clearly showing off the pain she felt. Everyone hurried to her side, all except Jasper that was.

“What's happening?!” Melanie asked and seemed really worried, she appeared to be the one that worried the most of them all.

“Don't worry yourself too much, lass. It's just labour.” Mary said and smiled weakly as she began walking away again with her dog.

“Labour?! What do we do?!” Melanie almost yelled and appeared to be panicking.

“Listen to the old woman, Mel, just calm down.” Elias said and Charles agreed.

“But-but we don't have a hospital! Does anyone know how to deliver a baby?!” She shouted and looked around.

The old woman just sat down and petted her dog. Jasper had been following what happened, but when he saw that Mel was looking around, he quickly turned his back to them again, pretending to be careless.

“Come kids, give her some air” the lawyer said, Roseanne, and gently pushed Brick and Alexander away.

“Breathe Mel,” Elias placed a hand on her shoulder, “humans have been giving birth without hospitals for forever, this is not the first time.” He gave her a smile, and she calmed down just a bit and she took a few deep breaths to stop shaking so much.

“Besides, I was born outside of a hospital, my entire family did it like that.” He reassured her that everything were going to be okay, and she believed in him, she trusted him. “Now go, let us have our privacy for this.” She nodded and slowly stepped away with difficult steps.

Mel sat down by the water, which was rather far away from the rest of the group. She dipped her fingers into the water and watched a chain reaction of smaller waves escaping in the sunlight.

No matter how much she tried to ignore it, she could still hear Carla's screams.

A pair of high heels approached her, and it could only be one person.

“How is she doing?” Mel asked as she saw Roseanne's reflection in the water next to her own.

“I know it sounds like she's dying, but she's going to be okay, don't you worry.” Roseanne said and knelt down next to Melanie, and watched the water with her.

“Do you think there's any fish?” Mel asked randomly.

“What? Fish?” Roseanne asked, as if she had heard wrong and looked at Mel's expressionless face.

“I'm just... trying to think on something else...” Mel said, and at that moment, it sounded like Carla's screams were louder than before.

“Heh... I don't know... why not?” Roseanne said, with a hint of a smile as she too felt the calm water.

Mel then saw a smaller cloud pass by to her right, and looked at Roseanne, as she lit a cigarette. “Where did you get that?”

Roseanne gave a chuckle, “you learn to hide such things when your family don't know that you smoke. Want one?” She offered one by opening the pack.

“No thanks, I don't smoke” she said with a smile, and had just finished her sentence, when someone suddenly yelled loudly of annoyance and cursed.

They both turned around to see what was going on, and caught Jasper throw away his lighter. “But I think he do...”

Melanie and Roseanne exchanged looks, Mel nodding towards Jasper, but the lawyer easily refused. “No way! I'm not nearing that bomb!”

Melanie rolled her eyes and grabbed the lighter with a sigh.

Jasper wanted to leave, he wanted to tell Carla to shut up, he wanted a change of clothes, he wanted to lit his cigarette.

But he couldn't do any of those.

He needed to stay, he needed them – strength in numbers, as they say, and he'd never survive on his own anyway. Carla was about to do what most people thought was the most beautiful thing in the world, childbirth. But it just made Jasper shiver by the thought of it. Yet he'd feel bad for asking her to stop crying so much. He looked down himself, and gave an annoyed grunt as he saw how ruined his clothes was, and it was even his best suit! Now he just wanted to relax with the blessing of a cigarette, but when he tried to lit it, nothing happened. He tried over and over, but the fire wouldn't appear.

“Why you son of a-” he began cursing and swearing loudly, as he yelled at the lighter and blamed it for everything that was wrong, before throwing it far, far away.

“Need a light?” Someone asked, and he spun around to see who, yet he weren't surprised to see the only person talking to him.

“Was I that obvious Princess?” He smirked and grabbed the lighter in a rather clumsy manner, as Melanie threw it at him, and she couldn't help but to giggle, which made Jasper smile.

“Didn't know you smoked” he said as he lit the cigarette.

“I don't. It's not my lighter.” She said and got handed the lighter again, where after they returned to the silence that seemed so large between them, despite the screaming and yelling from Carla.

Then it stopped. And instead they could now hear a child’s healthy cries.

Jasper and Melanie looked at each other, and then towards where the cries came from.

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