Mother Nature's Revenge

In a world where supernatural things happened and superstitious creations existed, we existed too.
Mother Nature had created us to preserve the world, but we weren't satisfied with it.


3. Chapter 2 - A dawn so beautiful

The candles had worn out, and the lamp in the ceiling had now lost all it's will to shine. There were only 3 flashlights, so they all decided to divide into 3 groups, to make sure that everyone always had an eye on their two partners.

First group consisted of the store owner, Elias, a young and fresh boy from high school named Brick and a female lawyer, Roseanne, that kept trying to call someone with her two cellphones, but there were absolutely no signal.

Second group had the greatly bandaged girl Melanie, a short, old lady with her corgi, Mary and Charles, and a man dressed in a once clean and fashionable, but now dirty and ragged suit named Jasper.

Last group consisted of two persons that knew each other well, as the only non-strangers. One was a man in his mid thirties, named the same as the dog, Charles, and his highly-pregnant wife, Carla, and the last one of the 9; a little boy, around 6 or 7, that had gotten lost from his mother and ended up in the supermarket, before the final earthquake, named Alexander.

The kid had been crying non-stop, Jasper had a short fuse, and had yelled at this poor kid a few times, making him very unpopular.

It had only been a few hours, or so it felt like, since Mel and Elias had gotten back. “So are we just going to wait?!” Jasper asked loudly and a bit annoyed.

“Yes” Melanie answered lowly, she was the only one really talking to him.

“We can't just do that! We have flashlights and very little food! We need to leave, to go look for other survivors!” He spoke in the same loud tone, and threw his arms up as he walked around in the dim lit room.

Alexander, the little kid, gave a small whimper, as he was scared of Jasper, and when he heard him give the slightest of sound, he started yelling: “Oh what are you now crying about?! Do you even still have any tears left?! If you don't shut up soon, I will personally-”

Quickly, Melanie got on her feet and jumped towards Jasper, to stop him from scaring the kid that already buried himself in the embrace of Carla as he began wetting her shirt with his tears.

“Jasper stop it! Just stop it! Can't you see you're scaring the little boy?!” She pushed him back, and he didn't seem to like that too much.

“What are you going to do, Princess? Huh?!” He growled at her and stepped up to her, as close as he could without touching her.

“Well I'm going to kick your ass out of here!” She said really threatening, and something in her voice made it run down cold over Jasper's body, and she noticed it. “So if you don't sit down, and shut up, I'm going to personally kick your ass out of here, with no food nor light, is that understood?!”

Without any other words, he stepped back to the farthest corner and sat down, still wearing that angry snarl that he had become known for wearing.

Another few hours passed by, and no one had said a word, even the kid had stopped snivelling.

Mel looked around, though she could only see in the faint light. Though one thing she could see very clear was Jasper's face, as he kept starring at her; but not in a creepy way, he just sat there, keeping an eye on her with a sinister smile. That man made everyone feel uncomfortable, how had he managed to get into the basement again?

Without including Jasper, Mel managed to get the other 7 of them together in a circle.

“I'm sorry to say, but after having though of it...” She glanced over Elias' shoulder to look at Jasper, that still had the same grin, and when their eyes met, she felt her heart beat one harder time, and she quickly returned to the attention of the group. “I think Jasper's right...”

No matter how low she spoke, and no matter how hard she tried to avoid Jasper hearing her agreeing with him, it seemed in vain.

“Well I'm leaving, I'm not going to waste any time just sitting here. See you folks later!” Jasper suddenly said and stood up from his corner. He had this smile of confidence, as if he knew what he was doing.

Quickly, he walked up the few stairs from the basement. “Jasper wait!” Mel exclaimed and rushed up. She tried to get through the circle, and almost fell when forcing her way between a shocked Mary and Elias.

She grabbed a flashlight, just in case, and chased Jasper up through the door, that had closed itself behind him as he had left.

It went so fast, that she didn't notice it at first.

“Jasper I said wai-” she stopped herself in her sentence, and froze when she saw the dawn.

She dropped the flashlight along with her jaw, as she stood with an open mouth and took in the scariest, yet also most beautiful sight she had possibly ever seen.

The parking lot in front of the store had only few cars on the broken ground. Buildings around them had begun to fall, only standing by the support of the other building as they held each other up. Another earthquake and they would have hit the ground. The road that passed the store's parking lot, and ran out in a highway towards where the sun rose up, had been cracked open into a never ending canyon. The sea had flooded most of the area, as the highway ran across it, and waterfalls fell down into the canyon. Even the water seemed endless. Everything seemed so gray and broken.

The street lights were kneeling together with any of the street signs. A bus was hanging half way over the edge of the canyon. A giant billboard that had been sitting on a building, had fallen down and conveniently made a bridge over the canyon, yet it didn't seem too safe.

Everything looked like death, and as if it would never be rebuild. It all seemed so hopeless.

But then one thing made it through all this destruction, the only really colourful thing. The sun. It threw it's hopeful spirit at everything, believing that Humanity could be redeemed through this. And Mel saw it, Jasper too, but he pretended not to. This had to be the most beautiful thing they both had ever seen.

“We've got to tell the others!” Mel said with a giant smile and wetting eyes, yet she couldn't understand why she felt like crying, as she ran back to the basement.

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