Mother Nature's Revenge

In a world where supernatural things happened and superstitious creations existed, we existed too.
Mother Nature had created us to preserve the world, but we weren't satisfied with it.


2. Chapter 1 - A night so dark

No one really knew where anything were now. Countries, cities, states. They had all vanished along with civilization.

How many survivors that were left as all went back to it's calmness, was an unsure number. Mother Nature knew. But was she going to tell anyone? No. She wanted them all to start anew, just in different surroundings.

In a big city, with half survived buildings that barely stood tall, were a small supermarket which had sheltered a small group of survivors in it's basement. 9 people. Strangers to one another.

They had been staying in the basement for days after everything got calm, and as food began looking scarce, they decided to leave and see what laid beyond the safety of their shelter. It was the store owner, a tall, Hispanic man, and young red-headed girl whom had been hurt during the many weeks of catastrophes, that volunteered to go look outside.

It was so very dark outside, as no street lights were on, and no neon signs either, to colour and brighten the night.

In their time in the basement, they had lost track of time, yet they were a bit surprised of the night. The store owner turned around and went back to the basement, where candles were burning, and the ceiling lamp flickered every so often. He told the others of the darkness, and they too seemed surprised.

He grabbed two flashlights, and went out as quickly as he had gotten in, and handed one to the red-head. Her name was Melanie, but people called her Mel, and his name was Elias.

The darkness outside consumed the light of the flashlights, making it very difficult for them to see anything.

“Maybe this is a bad time?” Mel said and tried squinting her eyes, but it didn't help.

“Who knows, maybe it's never bright any more?” Elias said.

“Maybe...” Mel slowly replied.

They kept looking back, both of them wondering if they were ever going to find their way to the basement again.

The store had been completely ruined, and Elias felt it tug a bit in his heart, to see his expensive investment gone. He sighed.

“You okay?” Mel asked and pointed her flashlight at his torso, so that she knew where he was.

“Yes it's just...” He sat down on some pieces of the broken roof and looked around, but there was nothing to see except the emptiness in the colour of black.

“Look at all this. This is all our fault, we deserve what we got. We-we ruined everything, we ruined the world, we ruined ourselves...” He stuttered and dropped the flashlight as he covered his face with his hands, sobbing a bit.

Melanie felt intimidated by the man's sudden depression, as he had seemed so brave and cheery the other times they had spoken.

“This is really the end. What if no one comes to save us? What if we're the only survivors? Please tell me this is just a long nightmare...” He cried.

Melanie didn't know what to say, she were speechless. She had always been bad with emotional moments, and went to pat him on the shoulder, but it just ended with being very awkward.

“We should... We should head back.”

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