Oppa Vadden Style

It's such a bad poem lwoslol ashdahsh a


1. Vadden Style


[Instrumental] Oppa vadden style

  Vadden style  

My name is alister vadden I'm really mean

I carry round a sachel and a 42 inch screen  

I like to tend to my sachel while eying up the girl

s Never carry on jokes...  and my breath really smells 

look at me yeah!   I am 46 inch waste,

Also big gay long hair  and a fat long nose which will flatten ya

  a big long beard that hides my sexu-ali- teh sex u ali teh

  big and fat yeah just like you like it 

you ought to know (hey) suck my big toe

  alistair vadden sexy as hell - you better know (hey)

you better know (hey)

my cat got in a box and diee- ieee - ei - ei -  ei - ied

Oppa vadden style   Vadden style  oh oh oh oh oppa vadden style

  ehh sexy lady   

my man boobs are beastly and they will flatten ya

three day memory is good  and I don't even know ya

I make shit up all day and I don't even remember

don't you wish you had my cat ya  


Are you startin' ehh?

I know judo and kung fu but not kara - te

because It's awful and very gay  

some say that I should like it because

I'm gay but I say nay    

I am colour blind - but I don't mind cos it is shit yeah.

total bullshit yeah If you tell anyone

I will bring a knife and stab you and stab you

and lick your naval until it bleee - eee eeee e e eeee eeds 

Vadden style  oh oh oh oh oppa vadden style   eeeehhh sexy ladehh ehhhh sexy ladehhh oh oh oh ehh ehh

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