Klub Kidz

This is about 5 kids who are just normal kids. Yeah Right. These kids are normal, I guess, but they hold a secret. They have the biggest imagination possible and turn normal situations into fighting. While a normal maths test could turn into trying not to get brainwashed by the powers of Algebra, this book is full of adventure!


1. Lemonade Panic~

Howard Jenkins stepped into the canteen. Yes, it may be a canteen, but maybe, is his mind, was a plan to destroy all kids living brains. One taste of dripping slop they so call, "Food," can make a kid sick and the only cure is to stay after school to do extra work. That's why kids stayed after school. Teachers NEEDED kids to attend their after school clubs, so the children mindlessly slaved away doing extra report projects instead of being themselves. Howard opened his eyes. "I'm not tasting a BIT of that," he protested, looking at kids carrying dinner trays with a pile of slob on. "Never," he muttered, as he walked to the drink machine. This was one reason Howard liked the canteen. They had a drink machine. Sure, it was water and fruit juice, but sometimes, just sometimes, you were lucky enough to grab a bottle of lemonade from the machine. It was located at the top and looked untouched for decades. If you put in your pound and pressed the lemonade button, some people dare say, the lemonade spills out into the exit. Some say after that their change wouldn't come out, wouldn't get a drink and some cry that a whole pound had been wasted for something that didn't come to them. Howard stared at the lemonade in the machine, gazing. "Damn, if only someone got it..."


Suddenly, Howard's friends, Joy, Mac, Benny and Meg walked into the canteen. Joy grabbed his sleeve. "That machine won't spill out free drinks, Howie! Just forget about it, it's just lemonade!"

"It's the closest thing to a drink!" cried Benny.

"I prefer still drinks anyway," Mac shrugged.

Meg stood there and grinned. "I know what Howard knows. That's not just a bottle of lemonade. It's a secret. If you get it out, a mystery will be unlocked," she swished her hair behind her face and stood, hand on hip. Joy clapped.

"We've got to get some yummy lemonade and crack the mystery then!" she shouted, spinning. 

"Careful, Joy, don't go hypes..." Meg giggled, grabbing her and keeping hold of her.

"Think of everything we could do if we get rid of that lemonade!" Mac wondered.

"Like a temple, or a football stadium!" Benny screamed.

"Or a pony park!" Joy squealed.

Everyone gazed at her. "Heh, maybe not a pony park..."

Her friends sighed. "Anyway, we gotta remove that lemonade before class starts." Meg demanded.

Her friends nodded and rushed to the machine. "Insert the pound!" she cried, pointing to Benny.

"Me? Why ME? You treat me like I'm not in the club..." he muttered, inserting his only pound into the machine. 

"Now! Fire!" Meg shrieked.

Benny pressed the lemonade button. The five friends looked up, mouths open and stared at the bottle of lemonade. It stood still. "Crud!" Benny sighed, face-palming himself in the face. Howard kept gazing. 

"Howie, stop it, let's go. Benny's pounds in a better place," Meg said comfortingly, grabbing his shoulder.

"No, Meggy, look!" Howard said gently, pointing upwards.

Meg gasped and covered her mouth. Joy, Benny and Mac's eye sparkled. The lemonade rolled down into the exit.


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