When my parents told me I was special, I never beileved them but when I was kiddnapped by James and his secret sevice I never realised I was so special, amazing and scary at the same time.


2. Powers

“No! No! you can't do that! If I was so ‘special’ then wouldn't I be famous or in the circus by now?!”  I scream tears rolling down my face, swiftly landing on the ground. “I thought you loved me, cared for me?!” I whispered gasping through every tear.

“Baby, we do love you, we've loved you since the second you were born. Your powers are getting to strong. James and the secret government have been keeping track of you and other people in our society on the things they can do, they have been testing you since the day you turned five.” Mum said stepping forward, as I take a step away from my mother not wanting to be to close to her the guards pull my back forcing my shoulder to click in the process.

“Powers,” I exclaim. “What you think I am a witch?” I shout insulted yet amused about the thought.

“No!” Mum said frustratingly, giving up on trying to explain it to me.

Anger and rage burned through my blood, I could feel myself heating up, literary. I looked at my parents faces, shocked expressions lurked on their faces yet you could see the horror yet proud look in their eyes. I then look up to the guards, eyes wide with fear.

Everyone started backing away from me, slow little steps not wanting anything more to happen. Some of them pulled out their guns, pulling the lever once to load the bullets into place, still backing against the wall.

What is this all about? What are they doing? I ask myself.

I look down, seeing a spark fly off somewhere around me and hit the ground. Surprised I look down to see orange, yellow flames flaring from my hands, lighting the whole room. I step back, gobsmacked, surprised, confused.

“Oh… That power.” I say smiling, nodding my head, proud that I'm different from other people almost like superman… I guess.


“Yeah.” Dad said scratching his head.

“Why didn't you tell me before?” I ask looking over to my parents.

“Why should we of told you?” My mum exclaimed surprising me.

“It’s my life…” I whispered.

“Fine, we thought you would try and fine the powers, we were afraid that you would find a way to make them work. We wanted to be with you for longer otherwise you would have found them when you were younger. Sorry.” Mum said looking at the ground shuffling around.

“Whatever mother, they can’t take me away though… it’s kidnapping and child abuse.” I exclaim smirking to the guards either side of me.

“Actually, I know and I quote ‘it is not child abuse or kidnapping if the child is a threat to nature of her/ his surrounding society.” James said stepping forward from the shadows. Showing his incredibly thin, lanky body with 1 mm side muscles. I could totally take him down and beat him up if these bloody guards weren't in the room

Everyone started pushing me out the room, down the hallway and out the front door, holding mostly my arms, legs, neck but they dare touch my hand. I looked round at the police and S.W.A.T cars surrounding my house, and behind them I could see little shadows of people from all around the area gathering like I’m a circus act or like someone has been in in a car accident. They all just stand there, pushing and shoving trying to get a view of me, them watching me get dragged out of my house like I’m a runaway prisoner. I cover my face ashamed of everything.

I thought this is meant to me a ‘top secret mission’ but no, they have to get helicopters, flashing red and blue lights…

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