When my parents told me I was special, I never beileved them but when I was kiddnapped by James and his secret sevice I never realised I was so special, amazing and scary at the same time.


1. Kiddnapped

I wake up to the sound of blaring sirens outside my house. I look out of the window through the gaps in the blinds, soldiers, helicoptors and big metal army trucks. There is a long line of soldiers storming down my road, left foot, right foot stomping in usion. They stop in their tracks infront of my lawn and two of them jump out of the line and roll onto the step by my door.

"Ready, steady, GO!" The man with the speaker phone shouts at the men. They all break for a run towards my house, all of a sudden there is a loud bang and a cloud of dust from were my front door had been knocked of its hinges.

"Lucy, what's with the banging?" Mum says walking out of her bedroom.

"It's not me, who are these people?" I exclaim petrified.

"What do you want?" Mum shouts turning to the soldier grabbing my arm and dragging me into the hallway.

"Shut up." He bellows spitting into mum's face.

"Mum! Mum! Mum!!" I scream out for help. Another soldier comes into the room to help the other of the men, why do they need five men to drag me? I'm only fourteen and I dont weigh much.

"Be carefull with her, you know she can..." The man whispers to the other of the men.

"What can I do? What do you mean. Now just let me go!"  I shout wriggling around trying to get out of their grip. "Ow! at least loosen your grip, your bruising my arms!"

"Well mabye we wont have to hold so tight if you stop wriggling." He whispers into my ear pushing me further towards the door.

"Wait, let her take two things from home." Said a shaddow by the wall were the door was ment to be. He walks closer to me, coming into the light. It's James. He's a year older than me and he is small, skinny and weak, I can beat him up with my eyes closed.

"James? What the heck do you think your doing at my house?" I ask supprised that he know where I live. Stalker.

"Well, I will explain that to you when we get to your new home.

"And where will that be?" I exclaim furious that he thinks he can do this to me.

"Lets just say that you will only be able to see your parents twice from this moment forward and this is the first time." He spits looking me in the eye and pushes me forward to my parents who are now holding stick and book filled with rubbish. They hand it forward to me and stroke me on the face trying to keep my spirits up.

"Gee, thanks mum, dad. I will be looking forward to using these... somehow..." I whisper sarcastically. This 'present' isn't the best thing I could have asked for when I would probably never be seeing them ever again.

"Your welcome darling." Mum says stroking my face yet another time.

They start pulling me, dragging me down to the front door...



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