Of The Different Elements

Four girls, all chosen. For Life. They, and only they can control and speak through the Elements. Tame furious oceans, burst fire from their palm, conjure up a tornado, even let the trees walk and talk. But there is a problem. The lifeless Creatures of the Dark crave power. But they have no abilities. So they use the only tool at their disposal. Pain...


1. The Chosen Four

The four Elements demand a master of themselves. Each 1000 years, on the first century, four Daughters of Eve will be brought into the world. This will be the last time, and only after being the third. There has been 8 before them, all of them have passed. So, the date will be 12/12/2012. The first was on the 04/04/0004, and the second on the 08/08/1008. The number has to be what the amount of chosen's will be after they are all born. It is not certain why, but it is a true and important part of it all. The four elements, Water, Earth, Fire and Wind all have a God or Goddess. But they can only be spoken through by their dedication. But the Masters can speak through the Elements. Til the day they die...

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