It was on the outside


3. Entry three

1 hour later.......



we arrived at the village, its strange and kind of eerie there was a large sign that said Blackpin and in big writing it stated, "we take no prisoners" my brother sniggered, "Get out the car then."

I mimed a mocking laugh before mum could look back in her mirror and say "Pack it in kids, before i pack you in the boot!"

It was odd how there were so many animal's everywhere, misty blue butterflies and chocolate brown deer. It's also odd how my brother is older!  So immature. Suddenly a pale ill looking lady with her hair tightly back in a ponytail banged on mums window, "Hey lady! you Stephanie kyler!? she ranted, "um yeah is there a problem?" Mum said. "Boy is there a problem, you see i live next to woman you say you bought the house of and she says you committed fraud selling her house on!" said the woman. Mum looked shocked and then anger broke out on her face, "Now look here-" but before Mum could say something incredibly rude, two police men began walking up to us just as mum had got out the car."Mrs kyler?" Mum nodded."We are arresting you under suspicion of fraud."  Mum nodded, the police handcuffed her, tears streaming down her face. I banged on the window "Mum, Mum!" i shouted "It wasn't her! It wasn't!" I was useless, the police ducked her head into the police car and it was gone in the distance.


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