It was on the outside


2. Entry one.

My name is Avor, my life was perfect everything as it should be but now it's messed up. I didn't ask to be dragged here, or rather my parents didn't ask me.I loved my life in Chicago, hanging round with my friends Corrie and Cara. We moved to Chicago 7 years ago and i loved it since i got there. Even school wasn't that bad.We moved to the country last year and i can honestly say my life was never the same again. So there we were, between a lorry that smelt funny and a flock of sheep that smelt worse.

BING!WENT MY PHONE. I took it out my pocket to look at the bright screen;Corrie: Hey girly how ya doing!? (This was typical Corrie) am missin ya already !(this to) Me and Carla are going shoppin later in town, wat ya up to?

I rolled my eyes after this, this was just Corrie bragging on about how she was warming up to Carla. I decided to text her back all the same: Hi! not great at the minute we just got out of a jam with a load of stinking sheep! The brother is annoying me as usual. Dad says we probably won't be getting there for at least another hour, Bye!:) 

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